Baby Crib 101: Everything You Need To know About Buying A Baby Crib

Buying a baby crib is one of the big investments that parents do for their baby. With so many features and standards in today’s baby cribs, it can get confusing when buying a baby crib and there can be many questions that come to your mind before buying.

Mattress Types - Explained
Mattress Types - Explained

Baby cribs are not cheap and you have to make sure that they are safe, reliable and convenient before you buy. Finding the perfect baby crib can be time confusing. A baby crib can be the most comfortable sleeping area for your baby and hence, before you plan to buy a baby crib, there are many factors that you need to consider.

In this detailed guide, I will talk about everything related to baby cribs, the factors you should consider before buying baby cribs and the best recommended baby crib that you can buy for your baby.

Do You Really Need A Baby Crib?

The one reason you need a baby crib is “safety”. Every parent’s approach is different when it comes to making their baby sleep. A baby crib can provide a safe place for your baby to sleep. American Academy of Pediatrics recommends parents to sleep in the same room with their baby during the first 6 months to avoid the risk of SIDS.

Several studies have shown that babies under the age of 2 years are more exposed to dangerous hazards when they sleep with adults. Based on a study by US Consumer Product Safety Commission, it was found that babies who slept in adult beds resulted in death of more than 515 children in just 2 years and most of the deaths were due to suffocation or choking.

So it can be concluded that having a baby crib is a must if you are expecting a baby. It can provide the safest and comfortable place for your baby to sleep without having to worry about any danger.

Are Baby Cribs Safe?

Yes, baby crib is the safest option for your baby. They can play, relax or sleep in the crib without getting hurt. But you need to make sure that the crib is not made from any hazardous materials and they are manufactured according to safety guidelines.

You can make sure that the baby crib is safe by checking the following guidelines:

  • Locks, bolts and screws are secure.
  • There are no sharp corners or rough sports that might injure the baby.
  • There are no cracks in the crib’s wood.
  • Paint is free from lead and is non-toxic.
  • The mattress is firm fits perfectly inside the crib.
  • The crib is free from any excessive cutouts of headboard or footboard.

Advantages Of Baby Crib

There are many advantages of having a baby crib and some of them are listed below:

  • Baby cribs are designed to provide a safe and comfortable place for your baby where they can play or sleep at their convenience.
  • Today’s baby cribs also come with foldable feature which means that they are portable making it easy to carry from one place to another.
  • More space to make your baby feel cozy.
  • Sound sleep ensures healthy growth of your baby.
  • Swing motion helps in calming the baby.
  • Reduces the chance of injuries.

Types Of Baby Cribs

If you are planning to buy baby crib, you need to know that there different types of baby cribs available in the market. Knowing about the different cribs makes it easy for you to choose the best crib for your baby. Cribs can be categorized into several variants which are listed below:

Convertible Cribs

This kind of crib is portable and provides several features like adjustable mattress height, convertible toddler bed, etc. This type of crib can cost a bit more than other types but they can be used for a long time till your baby is able to sleep without any protection.

Round Or Oval Cribs

If you have less space in bedroom then this can be ideal choice for your baby. The round or oval shape makes it attractive for your baby and the area provided is big which makes it comfortable for your baby to play and sleep. These cribs are available in attractive designs. The only thing to keep in mind if you are buying this crib is to buy the right size mattress that fits the crib perfectly.

Canopy Cribs

These type of cribs comes with a canopy on the top that is used for protection. Such type of cribs has become popular since the canopy offers a different look and makes it look more attractive. This kind of crib is ideal for babies who are above 4 months of age.

Sleigh Cribs

Another type of baby crib that is getting more popular is the sleigh crib that looks, as the name says, like a sleigh. The headboard and footboard are made from much better materials and their unique design makes it for an expensive option.

Drop-Side Crib

The drop-side crib comes with a sliding bar which can be raised or lowered that makes it easy and comfortable to lift your baby.

How To Buy A Baby Crib?

Before you buy a baby crib you need to know how to pick the best crib for your baby. There are several factors that you need to consider before you select a crib. Below are some of the factors that you should know to choose the best baby crib.

Crib Types

There are several different types of cribs available that I have already explained above. Choose a crib that you think id the right fit for your baby.


The right crib also requires the right mattress. You need to choose a comfortable mattress that fits perfectly inside the crib. For this you can try the two finger method. Place 2 fingers between the mattress and the crib edge (preferably mommies since daddy’s finger could be big) and if they can’t fit then it is the right size mattress. In other words the mattress should be a tight fit. You should also consider buying waterproof pads.

Slats Distance

If the distance between slats is too much, then it can cause thread to your baby. There could be chances of baby’s limbs getting trapped. Make sure that the distance between slats are not more than 6 cm.


Make sure the room is well ventilated. You can add a fan if necessary.


A cooler room helps in better respiratory stimulation. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping the room temperature between 65 to 70 degrees.

Crib Location

The crib should be placed in such a location that is away from blinds and drapery to avoid any hazards.

Crib Height

Choose a crib that is low to the ground which makes it easy for you to lift the baby in and out of the crib without any problem. The right height of the crib depends on your height.

Convertible Feature

Some cribs can be converted in to a toddler bed. If you want to buy this kind of crib then make sure that you like how it actually looks.


This is primary factor that should be considered before buying a crib. You don’t ant to end up buying a crib that is made from hazardous materials. Make sure that the crib does not have any sharp edges or cracks that might hurt your baby.


The crib should be comfortable enough to let your baby sleep uninterrupted for hours.

Easy To Install

The installation of the crib should b easy in case you want to move it from one location to another.


Crib with wheels can be an ideal feature if you want to move the crib to different rooms.


If you move around a lot then buying a portable crib can be an ideal choice.

When To Buy Baby Crib?

While some parents rush to buy a crib as soon as they find out that they are having a baby, others wait until the baby has arrived. Most of the times parents hold on to the decision of buying a crib since they can get away without having any crib at all. But if you want to safe place for your baby and don’t want to share your bed, then you are going to need a baby crib.

Ideally, the best time to buy a baby crib is during 4 to 6 months of pregnancy. This will give you enough time to choose the right crib for your baby. This is because you will be too tired during your third trimester and won’t get enough time to make decisions.

Baby Crib Or Baby Cot

Do not get confused between the terms baby crib and cot. Both mean the same thing and the only difference is the usage of the term in British English and American English.

best baby crib

How To Choose Baby Crib Mattress?

Choosing he right crib mattress not only makes it cozier for your baby, but also keeps them safe. Here are some of the factors to consider when buying a baby crib mattress.

Types Of Mattress

  • Foam Mattress – These are the lightest option and are available in different thickness. If you are buying foam mattress then make sure that they are firm and heavy. Soft foam mattress and increase the risk if SIDS.
  • Spring Mattress – These come with coils covered in foam. They are firm and more durable.
  • Organic mattress – Made from organic materials, they can be either foam or spring mattress. These can be a bit more expensive but parents say it is worth the price because of the peace of mind it provides.

Things To look Out For

  • Size – The mattress needs to fit perfectly with no space between the mattress and the crib. If there is gap or the mattress is too small then it can lead to suffocation.
  • Firmness – The more firm mattress the better. Even if you feel it is stiff, your baby will get adjusted to it. You can check the firmness by pressing the center and the edges of the mattress. The right mattress should snap back quickly and doesn’t conform.
  • Cleaning – You should be able to clean it easily. Some mattress come with removable covers which can machine washed.

Can I Put A Pillow In My Baby’s Crib?

Babies should not sleep with a pillow and should always sleep on a flat surface until they are 1 year old. Still it is better to hold off until the transition to a toddler bed which can be between 18 month to 3 years. It is also find to hold off until your baby interest in having a pillow. And when your baby is ready, avoid giving soft adult pillow and always opt for firm small pillow.

Does A Baby Crib Need A Bumper?

Baby crib bumpers were designed to be a protective surrounding for the baby to avoid limbs from slipping out or accidentally banging the head. But studies have shown that they have opposite effect. So the question is, are baby crib bumpers safe?

According to American Academy of Pediatrics, crib bumpers are not recommended due to the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The concern of the risk is that there are chances of baby’s nose or mouth getting trapped against the pad of the bumpers and there are not enough data to show that crib bumpers are safe.

This data from US Consumer Product Safety Commission shows that 282 babies were injured and 107 babies died in crib bumper related incidents.

While crib bumpers pose risk for babies, they create new set of problems for toddlers. Kids can use crib bumpers to climb and get out of the crib. So it is suggested not to use crib bumpers to avoid any risks.

What If Your Baby Is Not Sleeping In Crib?

Imagine spending so much time selecting the best crib for your baby but he hates sleeping in the crib. But don’t worry; a baby crib is still the safest place for your baby to rest. With some patience you can easily make your baby sleep in the crib. Below are some solutions if your baby is not sleeping in the crib.

Your Baby Sleeps Only In Your Arms

If the baby only sleeps in mommy’s arms then you have to make the crib feel more like mommy. One of the reasons your baby gets upset is due to the sudden change in temperature. The heat of your body changes to a cold crib mattress. Swaddle your baby before you make him sleep in the baby. If your baby still feels uncomfortable then stand near the crib for some time and rub the baby’s belly to soothe him.

Your Baby Sleeps Only In Baby Carrier

The chest to chest contact in a baby carrier can be very soothing for your baby. The warmth, smell and motion of your body make it more relaxing and comfortable. Solution for such situation might involve a bit of crying. Put your baby to crib when it is half sleepy and check on your baby every 5 or 10 minutes. If your baby starts crying, remind yourself that your baby will sleep happily once she gets used to it and with time the transition will happen.

Your Baby Sleeps Only In Swing Or Car Seat

The motion of a swing or car seat can have a calming effect on the baby. In such cases, you should start by eliminating the motion. Put your baby in the swing but don’t swing it. Or put the baby in car seat but don’t drive anywhere. When your baby starts getting sleepy, put her in the crib. This process can take 3 to 4 days for your baby to get adjusted. Be consistent and don’t change the routine as it can confuse the baby.

Should You Put Toys In Baby’s Crib?

It is recommended not to put any toys, stuffed animals, blankets or any other accessories in your baby’s crib until they are atleast 12 months old as it increases the risk of SIDS. Though the chances are rare, stuffed toys can cover your baby’s face and suffocate them since they can’t roll over or sit up. And such tragedies have been rising in recent years. Once the baby crosses 12 months age, the risk of SIDS reduces significantly and it is okay to introduce a toy to comfort your baby. But sill the safest option is to keep the crib free from any kind of clutters.

Can I Sleep In The Crib With My Baby?

Crib sharing is not recommended. There are some reports of parents sleeping with their baby in the crib which might seem cute but exerts have always suggested not to sleep with your baby in the crib.

Which Is The Best Baby Crib In India?

One of the must-buys for a baby is a crib where he/she can sleep safely and peacefully. They encourage in growth, better sleeping and reduce the risk of SIDS. Below are our recommendations if you are planning to buy a crib for your baby.

R For Rabbit Hide And Seek Baby Crib

Baby Crib 101: Everything You Need To know About Buying A Baby Crib

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If you are looking for the best crib for your baby then the R for Rabbit Baby Crib is an ideal choice. This high quality baby crib is made with EN 71 European safety standards which makes it safe and secure for your little baby. This baby bed cum crib can be used baby babies up to 3 years of age and can hold up to a weight of 20 kgs.

It is surrounded with air mesh on all 4 sides that provides the best ventilation for your baby. There is also an additional bassinet layer with mattress which is ideal for babies up to 12 months where your baby can have sound sleep. And by removing the bassinet layer you can convert it into a baby bed which can be used for kids of age between 12 months to 3 years.

It also comes with wheels which makes it easy to move them. And if you are moving from one place to another it can be folded easily which make sit truly portable. Other features include mosquito net and hanging toys to keep your baby entertained.

Luvlap Baby Wonderjoy Playpen

Baby Crib 101: Everything You Need To know About Buying A Baby Crib

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Another good baby crib choice is the Wonderjoy Playpen from Luvlap. This is a 3-in-1 crib which can be turned into a napper, rocker and playard. Even this crib from Luvlap is certified according to EN 71 European safety standards.

It has air mesh on 2 sides for better ventilation and visibility and there is also a canopy with mosquito net to protect your baby from big bites. It also has a diaper changing table, 3 pocket organizer to keep baby essentials like diapers, wipers, etc. There are also 2 wheels to easily move the crib across the room and a zipper door for the baby to step in and out easily.

Your baby will sleep peacefully on the 2 cm thick mattress. It has an easy folding system and a carry bag which makes it ideal for travel.

Dream On Me Multipurpose Baby Crib

Baby Crib 101: Everything You Need To know About Buying A Baby Crib

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Imported from USA, this high quality multipurpose crib can be converted in to toddler bed, a daybed and full size bed. This modern crib grows along with your baby and is made from high quality New Zealand pie wood. It follows CPSC and ASTM standards and is free from lead and other toxic materials.

BabyTeddy 9 in 1 Convertible Crib

Baby Crib 101: Everything You Need To know About Buying A Baby Crib

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This is a premium product from BabyTeddy which is a 9 in 1 convertible crib with lots of multifunctional features. It is made from high quality New Zealand pine wood which is designed to be both mom and baby friendly. The excellent craftsmanship, silky smooth finish and scratch resistant polish makes it not only stylish but also safe.

Some of the features include side bed mode so that the baby can sleep beside mommy, soft rocking function to make the baby feel it’s in mommy’s arms, big under storage to keep essential baby items, teething rail on both sides of the crib and much more.

It has passed many international safety standards so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your kid. You also get free 6 piece bedding set and a mosquito set. Another unique feature of this crib is that once your baby has grown up you can convert the crib into a desk while preserving all the precious memories of your baby.

I hope most of your baby crib related questions are answered in this post. If you have any tips or information to share, please use the comment section below.