Baby Sweating While Sleeping – Reasons And Tips To Deal With Night Sweats

We all love watching our baby sleep like an angel. But it worries us a lot to find our baby sweating while sleeping during the middle of the night. If you can relate to this situation and want to find out the reason behind this then you have come to the right place. Parents are often worried seeing their baby sweating during sleep.

Parents of newborn babies worry a lot when they see even a slight discomfort in their babies. Do you want to know if baby sweating while sleeping is normal or not? Keep reading to learn more about night sweating and how you can deal with it.

What Are Night Sweats?

Babies sweating excessively while sleeping especially at night are referred to as night sweating.

Is Night Sweating Normal In Babies?

Sweating while sleeping is normal in babies. However, if you observe that your baby is sweating a lot, then it could be due to some infection and it much not be ignored.

Reasons For Night Sweats

Some of the common reasons your baby could be sweating while sleeping are:

1. Body Movement

Babies don’t move as much as adults when they are in deep sleep. When a baby is sleeping in one position for long time, the body temperature could rise and this increase in temperature is regulated by sweating.

2. Sweat Glands

The sweat glands of babies are closer to their heads unlike adults. Because of this, babies tend to sweat a lot when they are sleeping since they do not move their head a lot. As I already mentioned above, body temperature may rise when there is less body movement.

3. Temperature Of The Room

If there is not enough air flow in the room and the temperature is on the higher side, then it can lead to sweating.

4. Usage Of Blanket

Babies are often covered completely during sleeping which is a common practice followed in India. This will increase the temperature of the baby which can lead to sweating.

Health Conditions That Causes Night Sweats In Babies

Some of the health conditions that might cause abnormal sweating in babies are listed below:

1. Congenital Heart Disease

Babies who are suffering from congenital heart disease tend to sweat a lot while sleeping. They also sweat a lot while eating and playing also. This condition might occur due to a defect in the heart in the fetus.

2. Sleep Apnea

Another common health condition that causes sweating in babies is sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea is a condition where the baby pauses for some time before breathing. This will cause the body to over work which will lead to sweating. This condition is commonly seen in premature babies. Babies who are affected by sleep apnea also show symptoms of bluish skin tones and wheezing.

3. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Also called as SIDS, this condition results in over heating the body of the baby which will make them fall into deep sleep. This will make it difficult for the baby to wake up and results in excessive sweating.

4. Hyperhidrosis

Even if you are maintaining the temperature of your room to keep it cool, you might sometimes observe that your baby is still sweating. This could mean that your baby could be suffering from hyperhidrosis. This can be observed by sweaty hands, palms and feet. This condition is not serious and you can treat this by following some simple steps after consulting with your doctor.

How To Deal With Night Sweats In Babies?

Here are some tips on how to ca prevent night sweating of your baby.

1. Maintain Proper Room Temperature

A higher room temperature is the common cause of night sweating and you can deal this by keeping your room cool. If you are feeling hot, if baby might be feeling it too. Also avoid keeping any unnecessary blankets or wraps near the baby crib which will help in making your baby sleep comfortably.

2.Keep Your Baby Hydrated

Always ensure to keep your baby hydrated so that it can help in making up for the loss of water that might have happened due to sweating.

3. Make Your Baby Sleep With Appropriate Dress

Keep your baby’s cloth light and comfortable before you put him to sleep irrespective of whether your baby is night sweating or not. This will help in keeping the temperate if your baby in check and also helps in controlling night sweating.

Things To Remember

– If your baby is sweating while sleeping even after taking all the precautions, then it is advised to consult a pediatrician. He can diagnose the reason for the sweating and suggest a proper treatment accordingly.

– If you observe other symptoms along with sweating such as teeth grinding, head banging, etc, then your baby could be suffering from other health conditions also. It is recommended that you consult your pediatrician immediately to avoid any health risks.

When Should I Consult A Doctor For My Baby’s Night Sweating?

If it is the first time you are noticing your baby’s night sweating, then analyze the external factors that might be causing the sweating in your baby such as high temperature or thick blanket, etc. Take proper steps and see if the sweating occurs again or not. If your baby is sweating consistently even after taking all the precautions then it is recommended to consult your doctor.

Do you have any tips to prevent night sweating in babies? Share your views and opinions in the comment section below.

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