22 Best Activities For 1 Year Old Baby India

Babies start developing motor skills as they are 1 year old. They are also more interested in being mobile and won’t stay in a single place for long time.

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But still their abilities are limited of what they can do and are also unable to follow any instructions. If you are looking for activities for your 1 yr old baby, then let me provide you suggestions for some fun activities that will help your baby learn at an early stage without overwhelming them.

These activities are short since babies cannot focus on one thing for long duration. Start with 1 activity a day and the rest with your regular routine. If you baby is not ready for an activity, then hold them off for some time until he is ready.

Activities For 1 Year Baby At Home

Most of the baby interactions start from home, but they get bored soon. Don’t worry as I’ll give you some fun and creative indoor activities to play with your 1 year old baby.

1. Playing With Blanket

This is a favorite activity for any baby. Take a small blanket and let your baby grasp one end of the blanket. Hold the other end of the blanket and sit infront of your baby and start making waves by moving it up and down.

Another fun activity using a blanket is to play hide and seek with your baby.

2. Musical Instrument

It is known to all that kids love to play music. Piano, flute or drums, they love it all. Musical instruments are available in both acoustic and battery operated types that you can buy for your baby.

3. Have A Dance Party

Hold a dance party for your baby. Play your baby’s favorite music or sing yourself and dance with him. You can carry him in your arms and dance if he is unable to stand.

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4. Play Bubbles

Babies love to pop bubbles. They can go on and on and never get bored. There are many bubble toys available that you can buy and play with your baby.

games for 1 year olds

5. Play With Ball

There are many different ways to play ball with your baby. You can encourage him to throw and kick the ball or just simply roll the ball to each other. Another good idea is to teach him how to put a ball into the basket.

6. Play With Balloon

Similar to a ball, babies love to play with balloon. If it’s a floating balloon, then tie the string of the balloon to a weight so that the balloon is at the same height as your baby’s head. Your baby will have a good time playing with it.

If the balloon is low on helium or not a floating one then you can just toss the balloon in the air and let your baby catch it. Since the balloon falls slowly, it will be easier for your baby to catch it.

7. Show Him Photos

If you have family photos on your wall, then carry your baby and show him all the photos and tell him who the people are in the photos. You can also show him your photo albums. Your baby will enjoy looking at all the new faces and familiar ones.

8. Play With Blocks

Playing with blocks is very useful in building your baby’s skills. Foam blocks are a better buy since they are easy to stack. Teach you baby to build a tower block or let him create something of his own.

9. Playing With Household Items

It is very easy to keep your baby entertained if you can teach him the value of playing with simple things. Find a household item that is safe for your baby and find out how you can turn that into a toy.

10. Read Story Books

Another favorite thing for babies is to listen to stories. Find if there are any story books in your home or rent out from a library. Read out all kinds of stories and see the happy face of your baby.

11. Watering Plants

Fill a small cup with water and show your baby how to pour water to plants. Just stick to plans that are low on floor or that is easily accessible to them. You can also buy a kid friendly watering can to generate interest in them.

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12. Teach Them To Put Toys Away

Once you have played toys with your baby, teach them how to keep it back in their places. You can make it interesting by counting numbers whenever you keep them back. You can also sort them by colors. Tell your baby to help you out when you keep the toy.

Art Activities For 1 Year Old Baby

Art activities mainly focuses on teaching your baby the basic concepts and not focusing on the final outcome. For example, painting is to teach your baby the idea of applying a color on a paper rather than creating an art of a house.

Below are few ideas on how you can introduce art to your baby.

art activities for 1 year old baby

1. Finger Painting

Painting with a finger is to make your baby experience the texture of paint and not create a picturesque art. In fact, your baby can’t do anything more than a layer of scribbled colors.

But the actual point here is to teach your baby what is painting and the idea of using colors. Your baby will experiment with using all the colors and you will get the opportunity to discuss the colors with them.

There are washable finger paints available in the market that you can buy for your kid.

2. Sponge Painting

If your baby cannot hold a paint brush, then you can give him a sponge. You can teach him the various patterns that can be created by a sponge and let him try it. Get a small sponge that your baby can hold or if you can’t find it, then simply cut a big sponge in to a small piece that your baby can hold.

3. Coloring On A Paper

Coloring is a good way to develop motor skills of your baby. Take a big sheet of paper and stick it on floor or on a small table and let your baby scribble all kinds of colors on it.

You don’t have to worry getting your house interiors getting spoiled with colors if you buy washable crayons for coloring. Another way of coloring is to let him draw with chalks on a chalk board.

4. Creating Collage

Another fun activity for your baby is to make a collage with them. Take a baby safe glue and a piece of paper and sit with your baby to make a collage.

Instead of creating something yourself, let them decide what to do. For example, if you are creating clouds with cotton, don’t prepare cotton clouds and tell them where to glue it. What you can do is let them decide where to place the cotton balls. This can also help them in decision making skills early on.

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Sensory Activities For 1 Year Old Baby

Everything can be a sensory activity for a baby, but there are certain activities that will help a baby discover. Below are some sensory activities for you baby.

1. Playing With Dirt

Let your baby play in dirt. You can buy a shovel toy to help your baby dig through the soil. You can also make it even more fun for him by buying a truck toy where they can dig the soil the fill the truck with it.

2. Pouring Water

Pouring water is an activity that is taught in preschools also. Why not recreate the same activity in your home? Take two small buckets with one bucket filled with water. Fill water in a small cup from the bucket and teach your baby how to hold it and pour it in the other bucket. Watch your baby have fun by pouring water from one bucket to another.

Another alternative for this is to soak a sponge in water and squeeze it in another bucket similar how to how they did with the cut.

Outdoor Activities For 1 Year Old Baby

Outdoor activities are as important as indoor activities. Your baby shouldn’t be restricted to just playing inside home. Below are few outdoor activities for your baby.

outdoor activities for 1 year old baby

1. Kids Playground

Find out if there are any kids play area near to where you live. You can find kids play area in parks, malls and even some dedicated restaurants.

2. Plan For A Picnic In Park

One of the best outdoor activities for your baby is to plan a picnic with your baby in a park. Pack your baby’s meal and take a blanket along with you. Find a place below a tree where your baby can relax in the shade and enjoy the day.

 3. Walk With Nature

Walk with your baby in a nearby garden and let your baby experience the nature. They will also get to meet many other people who will greet them and this is a good way to make your baby develop social skills.

4. Take Your Baby To Kid Friendly Concerts

Attend kid friendly concerts with your baby that plays live music. You baby will be very much happy listening to someone singing and playing music. It will be a welcome change to your baby who only gets who listen or watch music in places like youtube.


Even though it is easy to entertain kids, it is equally hard trying to find activities for your 1 year old baby. With the above ideas, you will always be ready with enough fun activities for your baby, whether it is indoor or outdoor.

How do you play with your baby? If you have any more activities for 1 year old babies, let us know in the comments below.