Best Electric Car For Kids India Review 2022

Every child dreams of driving their dream car when they grow up. And when you can make their dream come true right in their childhood by gifting them battery car, it will be one of the best gift they will ever get.

Unlike in the past, battery car for kids have become more affordable. They are fun to drive and liked by both boys and girls.

They are available both as self-drive and battery operated which can be driven by parents for added safety. Today there are many options to choose from when you are planning to buy electric car for kids.

Best 12v Electric Car For Kids Review

There are many things to consider when buying the best electric car for kids. Some of the most basic ones are speed, battery life and design.

  • Most battery operated car for kids come with variable speed modes where you can switch from low to high speeds.
  • Battery life is also an important factor when consider to buy electric car for kids and you want to make sure that your kid can enjoy maximum time driving his favorite car.
  • Electric car for kids are also available in many different designs and even replicas of well-known car brands like Audi, Mercedes, jeep, etc. If your kid is fond of a specific brand you can buy the same car for them.

Below are some of the best battery operated car for kids that we have chosen carefully which will satisfy your needs.

Baybee Mercedes Benz 12V Electric Ride on Car for Kids


  • Mercedes Benz AMG inspired battery operated car for kids.
  • Suitable for kids between 2-5 years of age and maximum weight of 30 kgs.
  • 2 powerful motors in each real wheel for excellent performance.
  • It can reach a maximum speed of 3-8 kmph.
  • Large capacity battery which can drive the car for 1-2 hrs based on your child’s weight.
  • Easy to ride car with features like headlight with electricity display, play music with USB/TFT card or mobile.
  • Also includes remote control that parents can use to fully control the car in case the child is not experienced enough to drive.
  • Comfortable seat with 2 point safety harness.
  • Wear resistant, anti-slip and explosion proof tires.
  • Stylish doors with lock.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Available in multiple attractive colors.

Baybee 12V Battery Operated Jeep Car For Kids


  • Jeep inspired rugged looking electric car for kids.
  • EN71 certified car designed with European standards to ensure safety for kids.
  • Powerful LED headlights to drive even in low light conditions.
  • 4 wheel independent shock absorber for smooth ride.
  • Steering wheel with horn and switch to play music.
  • Large seat with one point safety harness.
  • All terrain wheels to ride on any kind of surface like tarmac, sand, grass, off road, etc. Wheels are shock and explosion proof, inflation free, anti-slip and wear resistant so you don’t have to fear when driving.
  • Switch to power on and off the car and also to move the car front and back.
  • Easily move the car by grabbing the handle provided at the back of the car and dragging it.
  • Include remote control for parents to control the car to prevent accidents in case of inexperienced driver.
  • Suitable for kids above 3 years.

IOS TOYS BMW Z4 Electric Ride on Car for Kids


  • BMW Z4 inspired battery car.
  • EN71 and BIS certified adhering to both European and Indian standards of safety.
  • Comfortable seats with 3 point safety belt.
  • Suitable for kids above 2 years of age and maximum weight of 40 kgs.
  • Simple controls to drive the car including switch to on/off the car, move the car front and back and play music.
  • Multi-functional steering wheel with horn and music button.
  • Play music from AUX, USB or TFT card.
  • Ride continuously for 45mins to 1 hour.
  • Manually control the car using Bluetooth remote.

SRECAP Smiley Battery Operated Car


  • Bugatti inspired battery operated car.
  • Features realistic engine sounds, dual speed modes (slow and fast), forward and reverse, horn, headlights and electronic brake.
  • Realistic interiors with speedometer and on/off switch.
  • Play music using USB or TFT card. You can also play songs using your smartphone. It also has a volume control.
  • Powerful and high capacity motor for maximum play.
  • Light up the car with headlights, glowing grill and light wrap around the car.
  • Muscular wheel arches with chrome wheels.

SHAKYA WORLD Vintage Kids Electric Car


  • Vintage inspired battery car.
  • Realistic features like working headlights, adjustable seat belt, steering wheel with horn, accelerator and brake.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 25kgs.
  • Realistic dashboard with music system and volume control.
  • Battery level indicator that shows when battery is low.
  • Remote control for parents to control the car.
  • Operate buttons on the dashboard.
  • Wear resistant tires.
  • Comfortable seats for long play.

Baybee Cabrio Battery Operated Ride On Car


  • EN71 certified car defined by European standards.
  • Powerful battery that can run for 1-2 hrs.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 30kgs.
  • Speed can reach up to 8km/h.
  • Features realistic headlights, steering wheel, acceleration pedal, charger port, music player with USB, comfortable seats, non-skid wheels and more.
  • All terrain wheels to take on any kind of roads.

Brunte Battery Operated Ride on Car


  • Audi inspired battery ride on car.
  • EN71 certified with European standards ensures safety for kids.
  • Easy to ride controls.
  • Steering wheel with built-in music and horn.
  • Realistic looking LED headlights.

Toy House Benz AMG G63 V8 Battery Car


  • EN71 and BIS certified adhering to both European and Indian standards.
  • Double motor for double fun, advanced slow start function, led headlights, rear lights, hi-fi dashboard, advanced digital power display.
  • Includes remote control for parents to control the car in case child is inexperienced.
  • Comfortable leather seats with 2 point safety belt.
  • Independent swing function. When car in idle you can make the car swing back and forth which can give fun movement for the kids.
  • Electronic car sound effects, aux input to play music, USB/TF/SD ports, to play music & four wheel suspension.
  • Anti-skid and wear resistant tires.
  • 3 different speed control.

Toy House Lamborghini SUV Ride-on Car


  • Lamborghini inspired battery car.
  • Safe and durable.
  • EN71 and BIS certified which is defined by stringent European and Indian standards.
  • Advanced slow start function and exciting electronic car sound effects with sound controls, an inbuilt usb/TF card input drive to play music/MP3, forward/backward, high/ low-speed movement.
  • Perfect for both outdoor and indoor playing.
  • Features 4-wheel shock absorbers, non-skid tires, seat belt, led headlights, rear lights with a hi-fi dashboard, a super cool door-opening style features and a next-generation digital power display.

GetBest A 6500 Jeep Battery Car


  • Jeep inspired electric car for kids.
  • Max weight capacity of 45kgs.
  • Spring suspension for comfortable ride.
  • Large capacity battery to ride continuously for 45mins.
  • Features hi-fi dashboard including start button, music system (compatible with aux, pen drive), and swing option.
  • Drive manually or using Bluetooth remote.
  • Multi-functional steering wheel with horn and music button.
  • Rear view mirror.
  • Stylish double door design.

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