Best NERF Gun Under 4000 Rupees For Kids India Review 2022

One of the best parts of NERF guns is that you can play with them all year around. There is never a dull moment when you are playing with these dart firing toys.

New and more awesome NERF guns are unleashed regularly by the developers so you always have something new when you are planning to buy one of these.

Best NERF Gun Under 4000 Rupees Review

The amount of NERF guns available to choose from is overwhelming. In this post we will check out some of the best NERF guns under 4000 rupees that you can pick up.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyperfire Blaster


  • Fast firing NERF blaster.
  • No need to worry about reloading with the 25 dart drum.
  • Motorized dart firing which is capable of shooting 5 darts per second.
  • Shoot darts up to 90 feet.

NERF Fortnite TS Blaster


  • Fortnite based pump action dart blaster.
  • Shoot 4 darts in a row. No batteries required.
  • Storage space for 4 darts for fast reloading.
  • Tested and approved for performance and quality.

Nerf Trilogy DS-15 N-Strike


  • Fire 3 darts at once.
  • Shell storage with 3 darts in each shell.
  • Fire 1 shell at a time with storage space for 5 shells for faster reloading.
  • Just load the shell and fire.
  • Pump action blaster. No batteries required.

Nerf Mega TwinShock Blaster


  • Fire 2 mega darts at once.
  • Blast in 3 different ways – 1 dart, 2 darts or slam fire.
  • Pump action blasting. No batteries required.
  • Storage space to hold up to 10 darts at once.
  • Shoot darts up to 85 feet.

NERF N-Strike Elite Accustrike Accutrooper


  • Exclusive part of Accustrike series with accessories that can be used to customize the gun to more than 1000 different combinations.
  • 25 dart drum with elite darts.
  • Most accurate NERF gun.
  • Blaster with removable stock.
  • Rapid shooting darts with slam fire action.

NERF Modulus Ecs 10 Blaster


  • Build your own blaster with more than 30 combinations.
  • 10 dart clip with elite darts.
  • Includes removable targeting scope, drop grip, dual-rail barrel and storage stock.
  • With NERF modulus system create more than 1000 combinations.

NERF Accustrike Mega Thunderhawk


  • Comes with AccuStrike Nerf Mega darts, the most accurate Nerf Mega darts.
  • Includes 10 AccuStrike Nerf Mega darts designed for accuracy.
  • Longest NERF blaster measuring 41 inches or 1 feet when extended.
  • 10 dart clip.
  • Stabilize shots with the blaster’s folding bipod.
  • Adjust the blaster’s length by sliding the barrel.

Premium Choice – NERF Ultra One Motorized Blaster


  • The gold standard in Nerf dart blasting.
  • Advanced design and performance to deliver extreme distance, accuracy, and speed.
  • Includes Nerf Ultra darts, the farthest flying Nerf darts EVER, featuring an innovative flight tip, Aerofin technology, and Nerf Ultra foam.
  • 25 dart drum.
  • Shoot darts up to 120 feet.

Premium Choice – Nerf Zombie Strike Scravenger


  • Lever action blaster.
  • 12 dart clip.
  • Storage space for secondary dart clip near scope.
  • On/off slam fire button.
  • Tactical light for low light condition.
  • Includes a blaster, two 12-dart clips, targeting scope with clip storage, tactical light, detachable stock with a 2-dart blaster, barrel extension, and 26 darts.
  • 2-dart blaster hidden in the stock.

Premium Choice – Nerf Raptor Strike Accustrike Elite


  • Part of the accustrike series which are designed for accuracy.
  • Comes with 2 six dart clip.
  • Bolt action blaster.
  • Use the bipod to stabilize shots, the legs extend to adjust the height.
  • Has pop up sight for targeting.
  • Extendable bipod and pop-up sight.

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