Best RC Remote Control Cars For Kids Under 1000 Rupees India 2021

Continuing my previous post on the best RC cars under 500 rupees, in this post I will list some of the best RC remote cars that you can buy under 1000 rupees.

We will take a closer look at the RC cars under 1000 that are durable, high quality and safe for kids.

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Best RC Remote Car Under 1000 Rupees

There are many RC cars you can choose from under 1000 rupees but here we will take a look at some of the best RX remote cars that offer value for money.

CADDLE & TOES Car Monster

This off roading RC monster car comes with a stylish sterling wheel like remote sold by CADDLE & TOES.


  • High speed remote control off roading car.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • High quality vulcanized rubber tires that don’t wear n tear even after long use.
  • Ergonomic and easy to hold remote control with easy controls.

Zest 4 Toyz Ferrari RC Sports Car

Kids love sports cars and it’s no secret. Make their dream of driving a sports car true with this RC car from Zest 4 Toyz


  • Ferrari like RC sports car.
  • Made from high quality ABS material that can withstand crashes and falls.
  • Easy to use remote control.
  • High quality rubber wheels for long use.
  • Beautiful car design with xenon style lights, silver rims, butterfly doors, detailed interiors and metallic paint finish that will attract kids easily.
  • Four wheel independent suspension with drifting feature.

Webby Rechargeable LED Toy Car

Another excellent choice of RC car for kids who love sports cars.


  • Rechargeable RX sports car with opening doors and adjustable front wheels.
  • Easy to use remote control.
  • Glowing front headlight when the car moves in forward direction.
  • High quality rubber wheels with silver rims makes it more attractive.

Zest 4 Toyz RC Stunt Car

Want a cool stunt car that can flip and spin at any angle? Buy this 360 degree spinning stunt car from Zest 4 Toyz.


  • Made from high quality plastic and rubber for durability and long lasting use.
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to use.
  • 360 degree front wheels rotation can flip and spin at any angle and do cool stunts.
  • Rapid response joystick.
  • Learn while you play toy that can teach attention, sense of space, and control ability, etc.

Popsugar Monster Truck RC Car

A functional, SUV style RC monster car with well thought out design that is simple, durable and fun to play.


  • SUV style macho looking RC car.
  • Advanced suspension with high quality durable rubber tires.
  • Working front and rear lights.
  • Attractive design with front protective grill.

Webby Open Jeep RC Car

Fast and attractive open Jeep RC car from Webby.


  • Off roading jeep style RC car.
  • 27 Ghz remote control with easy controls.
  • Bright LED headlights makes it sportier.
  • Made from high quality plastic.
  • Available in 2 attractive colors.

Zest 4 Toyz H2 Hummer RC Car

Butch looking Hummer RC remote control car from Zest 4 Toyz.


  • 1:24 scale Hummer RC car with detailed interiors and exteriors.
  • Independent spring suspension that prevents shock.
  • Attractive design and looks identical to real car.
  • High quality rubber tires that can easily move over uneven surfaces.
  • Bright LED front and tail lights.

Famous Quality High Speed Sports RC Car

High speed sports RC race car from Famous Quality.


  • High speed cool looking sports RC car.
  • Durable quality and easy to use.
  • Your kids with enjoy the thrill of speed.
  • Available in several attractive colors.

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