Best RC Remote Control Cars For Kids Under 2000 Rupees India 2021

Remote control cars are a popular choice of gift for kids since they are available in all price ranges. You can even find RC cars for as low as 500 rupees that have good quality and are fun to drive.

In this post we will focus on the best RC remote control cars that are available for under 2000 rupees. You can also find the best RC cars under 1000 rupees in our previous post.

Best RC Remote Control Car Under 2000 Rupees

Today, I will list some of the best RC cars under 2000 rupees that are good for both RC car enthusiasts and newcomers. Your kid will have tons of fun time playing with these RC cars.

Toyshine Hummer Cross-Country Remote Car


  • Fully functional transmitter lets you control the car in every way.
  • Butch looking monster car with distinctive design and raw appeal.
  • Ready to go off road any time.
  • Oversized rubber that is soft, tough and extremely flexible so you don’t have to worry about any skid on smooth surfaces.
  • Excellent shock suspension allows it to run on earth, grass or sand.
  • Superior off roading capabilities, can even take on 45 degree slopes.
  • Made with high quality raw materials for extended life. Comes with front and rear anti-collision guard rails.
  • Rugged build quality can withstand crashes and falls.

Dillard’s 360 Degree RC Stunt Car


  • Futuristic looking remote control car.
  • Can do 360 degree rotation and fancy stunts.
  • Amazing LED lights and music.
  • Extending tires makes it more attractive to play.
  • High quality build.

Smart Picks 4WD Rally Monster Truck


  • Impact resistant body made from solid chassis and high strength plastic.
  • You can drive on any road condition without getting stuck.
  • High quality rubber and strong tires makes it easy to ride on broken roads, pebbles or large stones.
  • Comes with 4wd and oversized tires that makes it easy to ride on mud, shallow water, grass, paving or off road.
  • High speed car makes it fun to drive.

Magicwand Anti-Gravity Wall-Climber RC Car


  • Make your kid the most popular kid of the block with this unique wall climbing remote control car from Magicwand.
  • Two adjustable modes – floor and wall.
  • Super vacuum absorption feature makes it climb on wall and glass that makes it very different than a traditional RC car.
  • 360 degree rotation with infrared sensor control.
  • It has bright LED front and rear lights. Front light turns on when going forward and rear lights turn on when going backwards.
  • Made from high quality ABS plastic that is light, durable and non-toxic.
  • Unique, dynamic and attractive design.

Zest 4 Toyz Bugatti Style RC Car With Opening Doors


  • Bugatti style RC car with high detailed exterior and interior body.
  • Powerful motor can make the car run at speed of upto 10km/hr.
  • High quality rubber tires to ride on any surface and provide excellent road grip.
  • Remote comes with button to open and close the door which is a unique feature.
  • Made from high quality PVC material.

Gooyo Transforming Remote Control Robot Car


  • 2 in 1 remote control car that can transform into a robot or a sports car at the touch of a button.
  • Talking robot when transforming from robot to car and vice versa.
  • Both robot and car are highly detailed.
  • Can move front, back, right, left and 360 degree spin.
  • Cool accessories including sword and shield.
  • Cool dance moves and dazzling lights makes it a center of attraction.
  • Made from high quality ABS plastic.
  • Xenon style headlamps with realistic engine sounds.

Toyshine Jumping Sumo Remote Control Robot Stunt Car


  • Futuristic looking robot car.
  • 2.4Ghz remote controlled jumping and bouncing car.
  • Accurate bouncing than any other RC car.
  • Anti-collision, Anti-throw and Shockproof.
  • Can spin 90, 180and 360 degrees.
  • Has 2 large shock-proof, extendable wheels for high end bouncing.
  • Made from high quality plastic with flexible tires, shockproof, freely retractable and cool appearance.
  • Effortlessly run on any kind of surface like sand, concrete road, mud, grassland, and rock, etc.
  • Anti-collision car body and TPR wear-resistant tires that helps in making stunts durable.
  • Can jump as high as 70cm.
  • Wheels can be extended to perform multiple stunts.
  • Unique design with LED lights and funny music.

BeebeeRun Airplane RC Toy Car


  • Cute looking airplane style RC toy car.
  • Includes flashing lights, honking sounds and cool music effects.
  • Cute design with vibrant colours makes it attractive for young kids who are new to using RC cars.
  • Comes with removable characters – pilot, driver and dinosaur that your kid can even play separately for more imaginative play.
  • 2 channel remote control that is easy to use with simple controls.
  • Made from non-toxic, high quality plastic with soft edges to prevent injuries.

Divine Man 6 Wheel RC Monster Truck


  • 6 wheel monster truck with soft suspension and shock absorb system that can easily take on rugged roads.
  • Powerful motor with strong and fast performance can go on speeds upto 20 km/hr.
  • Excellent off roading capabilities that is capable of driving on the rock, sand, mud, and rugged roads, etc.
  • Anti-skid tires can even ride on wet surfaces.
  • 6×6 Ultimate Rock Crawler.
  • Strong build quality with superior handling and control.

Toyshine All Terrain Buggy Car


  • All terrain buggy car with interchangeable tires.
  • Military style snow wheel for different play fun.
  • Robust power, strong cross-country capability, anti-collision, anti-launch, long-lasting play time.
  • All terrain 4 wheel driving with strong climbing capability.
  • Powerful motor to take on complex terrains.
  • RTR equipped with a differential for better stability and control.
  • Durable build quality made from high quality ABS plastic for long life.
  • Provides super realistic driving experience.

Magicwand Off-Road Mud Slinger RC Car


  • Military style rugged off roading RC car.
  • High speed RC car with front guard, high quality rubber tires, high strength suspension spring and rugged design.
  • 2.4GHz remote control for high speed racing and off road capability.
  • Made from high quality plastic for long lasting use.

Toyshine 360 Degree Rotation Stunt Racing Truck


  • Strong 2.4Ghz frequency with anti-interference performance.
  • Gun type remote control with easy controls.
  • Unique double-sided design, fast lateral movement and 360 degree rotation.
  • High-grip rubber with excellent off-road performance.
  • High-speed motor with overheating protection.
  • Realistic racing and off-road gaming experience.
  • Built using strong and durable materials.
  • Impact-resistant PVC body shell provides good protection.
  • Independent shock mitigation system reduces vibration friction.
  • Ready to drive on any kind of terrain.
  • Equipped with four-wheel drive, waterproof high chassis, spring shock absorb and dual motor power.

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