Best Remote Control RC Cars Under 200-300-500 Rupees In India 2021

Are you planning to buy the best remote control car for your kid under 200 to 500 rupees?

There are many factors to be considered when buying an RC car like the brand, price etc. But many parents buy a low cost RC car for their kids if they are very young and don’t know how to use them.

If parents buy a high cost remote control car for their kids and they break it, it will be a waste of money. So it is always a good idea to buy a low lost RC car for them to learn first.

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Best RC Remote Control Car Under 200, 300 and 500 Rupees

In this post, we will provide you some of the best RC cars under 200, 300 and 500 rupees that you can choose to buy for your kid.

Mqfit R/C Rechargeable Car with Cool 3D Led Lights

A rechargeable remote car with strong sculpted lines and bold design that gives a exotic appearance.


  • Available in multiple colours.
  • Bold design with exotic appearance.
  • Multi featured remote control.
  • Cool 3D LED light effects that will attract kids.

Toyshine Vibe RC Stunt Vehicle

This unique stunt RC car can make your kid learn and play at the same time by improving attention, sense of space, and control ability, etc.


  • Can perform 360 degree flips and spins at any angle and can do cool stunts.
  • It can even perform upright 90 degree walking like a robot.
  • High quality, durable and made from best quality plastic and rubber.
  • Your kids can play it anywhere and everywhere as it can withstand crashes easily.
  • Lightweight, compact and can be easily stored.
  • Unique and easy control remote that exercise a variety of abilities of your kids.
  • Ease of use, safety and durability makes for a great gift for kids.

The Flyer’s Bay Speedster RC Car

Make your kid the coolest kid on the block by gifting this attractive RC cat from The Flyer’s Bay.


  • Made with ABS plastic and glossy paint.
  • Attractive design and tough build.
  • Working front and rear lights.
  • Rubber tyres and rims.
  • Life like car with detailed interiors.
  • High quality UV treated material with superior build quality.

Magicwand RC Mater Truck

Mater is a popular character among kids from the beloved Pixar movie Cars. Now your kid can play with his favourite character with this RC truck.


  • Based on popular Pixar movie Cars.
  • 1:24 scale remote control car.
  • Made using high quality ABS plastic.
  • Easy controls to manoeuvre the truck.

Magicwand ATV RC Car

Attractive looking ATV infrared remote controlled car with high capacity battery.


  • Comes with infrared remote control. It can control the car even from 20m distance.
  • It has high capacity 900 mAh rechargeable battery which means there is plenty of driving time.
  • Available in many attractive colours.
  • Made with high quality ABS plastic material.


Have the military experience with this military RC truck from HALO NATION.


  • 1:24 scale military truck.
  • Made using high-quality, non-toxic ABS plastics.
  • Moisture free and safe for health paint spray.
  • Experience off roading with 2.4G transmitter.

JMJ 2-in-1 Flying RC Helicopter

If you want to fulfil your kid’s dream of touching the skies, it is now possible with this remote control helicopter from JMJ.


  • Fully functional indoor helicopter.
  • It comes with a sensor which can detect anything below the helicopter and fly upwards.
  • It can fly up to a height on 10m.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.

RR Toys Racing Sports RC Car

If your kid is fond of sports car, you can gift him this racing sports car from RR Toys.


  • Available in several attractive colours.
  • Made from high quality plastic.
  • Remote control with 4 way function.

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