25+ Best Toys & Gifts For 1 Year Old Boys India 2022 [Buying Guide]

Being 1 year old is an awkward stage for a baby since they are not yet a toddler and still growing to come out of that baby stage. This is a stage where babies are still learning how to play. Since they have only basic sensory skills, the toys you buy shouldn’t overwhelm them, but help in developing them further.

Parents of 1 year old will have a hard time figuring out the kind of toys to buy for their boys. It’s not uncommon that every parent want only the best for their kids. Don’t worry since we bring you reviews of the best toys & gifts for 1 year old boys that are not only fun and educational, but also help in improving the overall skills of your baby and keep him entertained throughout the day. The list is big. So, let’s start right away.

Best Toys & Gifts For 1 Year Old Boys

Fisher-Price Mega Bloks Big Building Bag

Building blocks are one of the best and most commonly purchased toy for kids since they are versatile, colorful and affordable to buy. This can be an ideal toy for your baby boy. Fisher Price Mega Bloks comes with the big building bag which contains 80 block pieces that will stimulate your baby’s imagination and encourage him to build various kinds of shapes.

Building blocks will help in developing motor skills of your baby and also hand-eye coordination, creative thinking, engineering skills among others. Since these blocks are big is size, you don’t have to worry about the risk of your kid swallowing them.

They are also easily accessible and make it difficult to lose them because of their size (can be easily spotted in your room because of their sheer size). Also since this product comes with 80 block pieces, your kid can create almost anything without any imagination barriers. It is also easy to clean up and store. That is why this makes up for a great toy since there is shortage of ways on how you can use this toy.


  • Large number of block pieces (80 pieces) for your kid to play for hours
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Compatible with any mega block builders
  • PVC free storage bag
  • No risk of swallowing due to big size
  • Award winning block builder


  • Brand – Fisher Price
  • Model – DCH63
  • Weight – 454 g
  • Color – Multi color

Fisher-Price Laugh And Learn With Puppy Walker

With the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Learn with Puppy Walker your baby can start learning to stand on his feet and learn to walk in a safe environment. There are 2 ways your boy can play with this toy. He can either sit and play or stand and walk. There are various activities that are perfect for your baby to play including songs, music, numbers, alphabets, colors, shapes and more.

This puppy walker comes with a music center with colorful buttons and panels that will help in developing your baby’s motor skills. Your kid will also develop listening skills, curiosity skills and cognitive skills from this toy. It has 7 hands-on activities and more than 75 songs, sounds, tunes and phrases that will keep your kid engages for hours and also help in building skills at the same time.


  • 2 ways to play – sit and play or stand and walk
  • 7 hand-on activities with glowing lights and buttons
  • More than 75+ songs, music and phrases to educate your kid and entertain at the same time
  • Learning includes alphabets, numbers, counting, colors, shapes and more
  • Easy to hold handle for baby to walk


  • Brand – Fisher Price
  • Model – FHY94
  • Weight – 2.18 kg
  • Color – Multi color

Vtech Pull & Sing Puppy

Children love puppies a lot. Maybe because they both are small, cute and joyful. The Vtech Pull & Sing puppy is the best toy for your baby. A puppy which will follow your kid wherever he goes. The toy is attractively designed in the form of a Dalmatian puppy. This toy will help in developing the motor skills of your baby.

The toy comes with a cord attached to it which has to be pulled when your baby is walking. The puppy’s nose glows when moving along with making sounds and plays music. The toy comes with more than 60 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases which will make it more entertaining for your kid. It also has colorful buttons on the side which plays music when pressed. The benefits of the toy include building cause & effect, sensory development and motor skills. It also helps in stimulating your baby’s senses. With the Pull & Sing Puppy Toy, VTech has shown why it is the best toy brand.


  • Colorful buttons on the side which plays music when pressed
  • More than 60 music, sounds and phrases
  • Glowing nose along with playing music when it moves
  • Stimulates baby senses, encourages discovery, development and imagination
  • Helps in building sensory and motor sills
  • Easy to store when not used


  • Brand – Vtech
  • Model – 502803
  • Weight – 413 g

Leapfrog Spin & Sing Alphabet Zoo

Similar to an actual zoo, the Leapfrog Spin & Sing Alphabet Zoo contains a lot of animals for your kid to interact with without any danger. The toy is compact in size with everything in one place so you don’t have to worry about losing any parts. This toy helps in developing motor skills of your baby. It comes with 3 play modes, alphabets, animals and music. With a combination of all the modes, your kid will learn something new everything it plays with the toy.

The toy contains many popular educational songs. The way this toy works is that the wheel has to be spun and whichever letter the wheels stops, information related to the letter will be played. Other feature includes rattling beads which makes sounds when the wheel in spun in one direction and animated lights when it is spun in opposite direction. This is one of the top choices for your baby which will be useful even until he is 3 years old.


  • 3 play modes in introduce your kid to alphabets, names of animals and music
  • Colorful LED lights that will keep your kid entertained
  • Helps in building motor skills with spin, flush and slide
  • Explore learning every time the wheel is spun
  • Your kid will be entertained for hours with playful music and lights


  • Brand – Leapfrog
  • Model – 80-601400
  • Weight – 454 g

Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks

Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks is one of the best toys to teach your kid about basic shapes. The toy comes with a box with 5 holes on the top with different shapes which are triangle, square, cross, star and circle. It also has 10 colorful blocks, 2 sets of each shape. The toy is colorful and versatile which is very attractive to children. Along with matching the blocks in holes, it can also be stacked like building blocks giving it more versatility which makes it more fun for kids to play. The blocks are big in size so there is no risk of choking.

It is very important for your kid to learn problem-solving skills at an early age and this Fisher-Price toy is a great choice for your kid to learn those skills. The box is easy to carry and portable so you can it take it along whenever you go out with your baby.


  • It comes with 10 colorful blocks to sort and stack
  • It is ideal toy to teach problem solving skills to your kid since he will learn which block should be used for which hole
  • Helps in developing hand-eye coordination and engage curiosity
  • Easy to carry and portable storage
  • Big size blocks which don’t pose any risk of swallowing


  • Brand – Fisher Price
  • Model – FFC84
  • Weight – 422 g

Fisher Price Laugh And Learn Smart Stages Chair

The Fisher Price Laugh And Learn Smart Stages Chair is a revolutionary toy which can do so much for your kid. This yellow chair with big smiley face is kid friendly and easily attracts your child. The chair comes with 3 levels of play which they call the Smart Stages technology which will help in the development at various ages of your baby.

The first level called ‘Explore’ has content that is suitable for kids who are 12 months and above, second level is ‘Encourage’ for 18 months and third level is ‘Pretend’ which is for kids above 24 months. The chair can tell when your baby sits or stands and plays appropriate songs during each incident. The armchair on the right contains buttons and the left armchair has a flipbook. The seat contains a hidden storage that you can use to surprise your kid and engage is fun play. You can hide something under the seat and see the delighted face of your child when he discovers it. The chair comes with more than 50 songs, tunes and phrases that will help in the development of your baby as it grows. The Smart Stages ensures the content will match the age of your kid.


  • Comes with Smart Stages technology which has more than 50 songs, tunes and phrases to keep your baby engages
  • Three levels of play with manual switch to match the content according to your baby’s age
  • Friendly design that will attract your child easily
  • Comes with remote control buttons and flipbook and arms chair that will keep you kid busy and entertained
  • Helps in teaching your kid numbers, shapes and colors
  • Hassle free toy since it does not contain any cord or plugs


  • Brand – Fisher Price
  • Model – BFK51
  • Weight – 503 g

LBLA Baby Balance Bike

The LBLA Baby Balance Bike is an ideal toy for your baby that will provide the required confidence to learn how to balance. This bike has been designed keeping the safety of your baby in mind. It is frame from light weight carbon steel frame which is durable and sturdy. It also comes with no pedals which could hurt your baby while moving. Even the turning radius is limited to 135 degrees which will avoid your baby from falling down while riding.

The set up is very easy and takes only 2 minutes to set up. The toy helps in building leg strength, balance and self confidence. This is one of the best gifts that you can buy for a 1 year old child.


  • Easy to setup. Just takes 2 minutes to assemble
  • Durable and strong
  • Environment friendly materials used. Handle and wheels are scratch resistant
  • Light weight and easy to steer
  • Limited maneuverability means there is no risk your kid falling while moving
  • Helps in building self-confidence, balance and leg strength


  • Brand – LBLA
  • Weight – 1.86 kg

Dash 2-In-1 Horsey Rocker/Ride-On Toy

The Dash 2-In-1 Horsey Rocker/Ride-On Toy is a classic toy with fun and friendly design that will delight you kid. Your baby will have a lot of fun playing with it. The design is simple and there are no hard edges that could harm your child.

Your kid can play with the toy in 2 ways, as a ride on and a rocker. If the wheels are twisted up it will act as a ride on where your kid and swing for hours. If the wheels are turned down, it will convert the horse into a rocker which your kid can ride all around the house. It also helps in building balancing and self co-ordination.

The handles are easy to hold with good grip and the seats are wide enough so that your kid can sit comfortable while riding. The toy is also leveled low which makes it easy to get into with good quality plastics that will last for a long time.


  • Simple design with no hard edges that could harm your child
  • It can take up to 8 kgs of weight
  • Safe and comfortable to ride
  • Can be played in 2 ways, as a ride on and rocker
  • Easy grip and comfortable wide seat


  • Brand – DASH
  • Weight – 4.7 kg

Fisher Price Laugh And Learn Game And Learn Controller

If you are a family who are into video games then the Fisher Price Laugh And Learn Game And Learn Controller can be an ideal toy for your baby. The toy resembles a gaming controller with joystick, buttons, toggle switch and a wheel at the top. Every button activates a different kind of content so not matter what your child presses, there will be something interesting for him.

This toy is good for building motor skills as your child explores by pressing different buttons. It is a very helpful toy to introduce your kid to numbers, shapes and colors. It comes with 2 musical settings, one for learning and one for playing.


  • Game controller like design with D-pad, joystick, buttons and wheels
  • 2 kinds of setting for learning and playing
  • Useful toy for introducing numbers, alphabets, shapes, colors and more
  • Helps in developing motor skills, stimulate creativity and imagination
  • Press, spin and toggle to play different kind of content


  • Brand – Fisher Price
  • Model – FNT06
  • Weight – 68 g

Nuby Icybite Hard or Soft Teeting Keys

If you are looking for a teething toy for your baby that is good for your baby to play around and also soothes his gums, then you should consider buying the Nuby Icybite Hard or Soft Teeting Keystoy for him. The toy contains many colorful pieces that will attract your baby and stimulate his senses. It has an easy grip and is good for exercising your baby’s gums and teeth.

Another feature of this toy is the purICE technology which will keep the toy colder for longer. Such toys should be kept in fridge before giving to your baby as it helps in soothing the gums. The different colors keys make it look more attractive. This is a great toy for your baby and worth considering during your next purchase.


  • purICE technology keeps it cooler for longer
  • Multiple teething surface that help soothing and stimulating gums
  • Firm grip for easy handling
  • Suitable for babies above 3 months old
  • Press, spin and toggle to play different kind of content


  • Brand – Nuby
  • Model – 600
  • Weight – 113 g

Zest 4 Toyz Battery Operated Car Wheel

Every boy loves cars and it’s a delight for them to experience the joy of driving a car. So imagine the excitement your one year old boy will have when hand him the keys to drive his own vehicle with the Zest 4 Toyz Battery Operated Car Wheel. It is a good way to encourage early development of your baby. The toy comes with interactive and colorful buttons that plays different music and songs when pressed. It comes with many songs, music, melodies and phrases including car and animal noises.

The toy also comes with a gear shifter, horn sound, lever for light signaling and a steering that will let your kid have same experience as driving a car. Your baby boy will be very much delighted playing with this toy and will be very much excited to imitate the same way their parents drive. It also helps in building motor skills.


  • Steering wheel, horn sound, gear level and signal indicator to imitate actual driving
  • Colorful buttons with many songs, melodies and sounds when pressed
  • Helpful in developing sensor and motor skills
  • Also helps build visual, creative and coordination skills
  • Suitable for babies above 3 months old
  • Press, spin and toggle to play different kind of content


  • Brand – Zest 4 Toyz
  • Weight – 640 g

Smartcraft Multipurpose Activity Cube

One of the best interactive toy that will grab your baby’s attention and provide him with lots of exciting experience is the Smartcraft Multipurpose Activity Cube. The toy comes in 6 pieces which can be assembled into different shapes making it more versatile. It helps in stimulating your baby’s imagination and improves hand-eye coordination.

This is a great choice for your kid which helps in their early development and teaches your child about various shapes, colors animals. It also helps in developing motor and social skills. The surface of the toy is smooth and the rounded edges ensure that it won’t harm your kid.


  • Comes in 6 pieces which can be assembled in different ways for endless fun and education for your baby
  • 6 in 1 cube with lots of activities which will never tire your baby
  • Enhances creativity, visual and auditory senses with lots of music, sound effects and bright colors
  • Develops motor and problem solving skills
  • Encourages your kid to recognize different colors, shapes and animals
  • BPA free plastic that is safe for your kids


  • Brand – Smartcraft
  • Weight – 898 g

Vtech Rhymes & Discover Book

Another good toy product from Vtech for 1 year olds is the Vtech Rhymes & Discover Book which is an interactive book that will make your baby discover wonderful nursery rhymes. It comes with colorful character buttons on the side which glows when you turn the page that makes it even more interesting for your kid. This feature makes it s delight for the kids to turn the pages of the book.

The toy is designed keeping your baby’s little hands in mind and also comes with an auto off feature that will help in preserving the battery. It has more than 20 songs, phrases and sounds and also 7 popular nursery rhymes. All the lights, sounds and interactive play will encourage learning and thinking of your baby. This is a durable and safe toy for your baby and is easy to clean up too.


  • Interactive learning with lots of lights and sounds
  • 7 favorite nursery rhymes and more than 20 songs, phrases and sounds
  • Encourages thinking and verbal skills
  • Easy to turn pages helps in developing motor skills
  • BPA free plastic that is safe and durable


  • Brand – Vtech
  • Model – 80-027501
  • Weight – 522 g

Vtech Brilliant Baby Laptop

You don’t have to be an adult to use a laptop. Now even babies can use a laptop and start working with their dads. The Vtech Brilliant Baby Laptopis a good way to introduce early learning for your baby. Let your baby explore learning with this toy which feature bright colored buttons and a tiny mouse that will light up the screen. There are different modes namely animal mode, shape mode and music mode which will make your baby learn many different things.

With more than 115 songs, sounds and phrases, your baby will play with it for hours. The big size buttons makes it easy for your kids to interact with the toy. It promotes in developing motor and learning skills.


  • Explore and learn with colorful shape buttons and mouse buttons that lights up the screen
  • 3 different modes – animal mode to learn about animals, shape mode to learn about shapes and colors and music mode to play various songs
  • More than 115 songs, sounds and phrases
  • Big size buttons makes it easy to operate
  • Encourages learning and develops motor skills


  • Brand – Vtech
  • Model – 80-191200
  • Weight – 676 g

Playskool Stack ‘N Stow Cups

You can never go wrong with the stack up cups and the Playskool Stack ‘N Stow Cupsis a good buy for your kid which offers simple yet effective play for your baby. You can make it more exciting for them by hiding things under the cups and stacking them. This will help them learn about colors, shapes, sizes and numbers. The product comes with 7 colorful cups which teaches your baby about colors and shapes and also helps develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It is compact, space saving and can be safely kept anywhere.


  • 7 colorful cups with fun cut-outs
  • Learn about shapes, numbers and colors
  • Develops learning skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Stacking and nesting encourages in developing motor skills
  • High quality and kid safe materials used
  • Compact and space saving design


  • Brand – Playskool
  • Model – B0501
  • Weight – 372 g

Crinkle Baby Soft Cloth Book

The Crinkle Baby Soft Cloth Book is a non toxic, educational toy that will keep your baby’s fingers busy and holds its attention for a long time. Your baby will be more delighted to learn seeing all the colorful pictures in the books. This is great new and fun way to educating your kid. The product comes with 6 different books categorized in to food, farm animals, sea creatures, alphabets, fruits and numbers. The books are made from high quality, non toxic fabric that is soft, safe and durable. All the pictures in the book are rich in color that will stimulate your baby’s creativity, imagination, language and social skills. These books are lightweight making it easy for your baby to turn pages. The high quality material makes it easy for washing too.


  • Made from high quality material that is soft, safe and durable
  • High quality printing and adorable pictures that draws your kid’s attention
  • Comes with 6 books in different categories
  • Lightweight & portable making to easy for your kid to turn pages
  • Easily washable and does not fade
  • Simple for your kids to understand and helps in developing your baby’s skills


  • Brand – Thinkmax
  • Weight – 159 g


Delight your kids with this peek-a-boo rattle ball and make him surprised. This comes with a hidden fish inside the ball that spins along with it. Another feature of the PLUSPOINT Rattle Ball is that it plays songs and shows colorful lights when it is shaken. There are also buttons on the ball which teacher your kid about animals, colors and numbers. Your baby will roll the ball, shake it, press the button and keep itself entertained every time. This toy helps in developing sensory skills, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cause and effect that helps in developing baby brain. Made from high quality, child safe material, this toy is strong and durable.


  • Shake, throw, roll and get entertained for hours
  • Hidden fish inside the ball that rolls along with the ball keeps your baby delighted
  • Develops sensory and motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Stimulated growth of baby brain
  • Strong, durable and made from baby safe materials


  • Brand – Pluspoint
  • Weight – 381 g

Leapfrog Light Up Remote

This an excellent toy from Leapfrog, which is one of the leading brand in developing fun yet educational toys. With this remote control toy, your kid will have fun for hours exploring more than 65 songs, tunes and audio responses. It lets your kids learn first words, shapes and numbers. There is also a weather button in the toy where the scout talks when the button is pressed. The tor has bright colors and buttons with lights and helps in learning words and numbers quickly. This is an imitative toy that is designed to repeat what parents are doing. It helps in developing fine motor skills.


  • Designed for imitative play
  • Helps in  learning first words, numbers and shapes
  • Encourages exploring and builds self confidence
  • Colorful buttons and lights keeps your baby engaged
  • Learning lights with scout makes it fun for babies


  • Brand – Leapfrog
  • Model – 80-19262E
  • Weight – 159 g

Vivir Newborn Baby Rattle And Teether Ball

A teether toy is perfect for kids between 0-24 months old. Vivir Newborn Baby Rattle And Teether Ball is a fun, colorful and educational toy that will help in developing a newborn baby’s problem solving skills, sensory and motor skills by involving touch, smell and hearing. The toy is made from soft ad chewable rubber that is safe for your baby. Instead of giving diapers or blankets for a baby, this toy makes for a perfect and unique gift. It is perfectly sized for your baby’s little hands and your baby will love it snuggling for hours. The toy is BPA and PVC free which makes it safe for children. It is recommended that you keep the toy in fridge (don’t keep in freezer) before giving it to baby as it helps in soothing the gums while chewing.


  • Fun, colorful and educational toy that helps in developing motor and sensory skills
  • Made from soft and chewable rubber that is safe for your baby’s gums
  • Makes up for an excellent gift for kids
  • BPA and PVC free makes it safe for kids
  • Encourage hand movements, hand-eye coordination and head turning
  • Durable, lightweight and long lasting
  • Can be cleaned easily by simply pouring hot water that will kill all the bacteria and ready to used again


  • Brand – Vivir
  • Weight – 231 g

Goappugo Educational Toddlers Musical Ball

This toy with its auto-rotating feature is a great toy for fun learning for your 1 year old boy. The music, lights and sounds of animals will keep your kid attracted easily. This toy comes with 2 modes, static mode and dynamic mode. The static mode will encourage your baby to press the various buttons on the ball that will give out different animal sounds. In dynamic mode, the ball will rotate automatically on the floor while playing music and sounds. This toy helps in developing motor, visual, tactile and hearing skills and also hand-eye coordination. It has lot of fun activities that will keep your baby entertained for hours. Another highlight of this toy is it helps in developing agile movements of your baby by making it constantly walk, run and play.


  • Encourages walking, running, playing and agile movement of your baby
  • Comes with 2 modes, static and dynamic where the ball rotates automatically on the floor playing music and sounds
  • Helps in developing motor skills, visual and learning skills and also hand-eye coordination
  • Lot of fun activities for your baby
  • Flashing lights, animal sounds and rotating ball makes your baby delighted and play for hours


  • Brand – GoAppuGo
  • Weight – 757 g

Little Tikes Activity Garden

The Little Tikes Garden Playset is an awesome toy for toddlers that is excellent is developing a lot of early development skills. Your baby will be busy exploring, learning, touching, spinning the parts, touching the buttons, opening and closing the doors, looking through the telescope and a lot more. This is a great toy stimulating their creativity, imagination and expressive play. There is an archway for your baby to crawl through, shape sorter mailbox, shutters that open and close and tap a tune piano at the top. The toy can be set up as two-sided and the possibility of playing with this toy is endless.


  • Interactive and engaging toy to play endless hours
  • Entertaining and multi-functional  with lots of possibilities
  • Safe to play with enclosed environment
  • Lot of activities with options like archway, doors, shutters, piano, mailbox and so on to play with.
  • Can be adjusted into two sided for horizontal play


  • Brand – Little Tikes
  • Model – 632624M
  • Weight – 7.71 kg

Ramakada Chu Chu Non-Toxic Bath Toys For Baby

Make your baby’s bath time fun and entertaining with these set of 14 non-toxic bath toys. These colorful toys are perfectly sized for your baby’s little hands for them to play during bath. These squeezable toys are made from BPA free and non-toxic materials. The toys make sound when squeezed and will make your baby’s bath more lively and entertaining. This is great way to encourage learning ability in your kids and introduce them to animals.


  • Fun, bright colored toys that makes sounds when squeezed
  • Set of 14 toys made from BPA free and non-toxic materials
  • Compact size and perfectly sized toys designed for your baby’s tiny hands
  • Helps in developing hand-eye coordination and motor skills
  • Make your baby’s bath more fun and entertaining


  • Brand – Ramakada
  • Weight – 191 g

Little’s Musical Activity Table

Start your kid’s journey to worldwide fame with the Little’s Musical Activity Table. This could be a great toy to introduce your baby to the world of music. This is a multi functional musical toy with features like lenticular TV, telephone, flipbook that plays music and lullabies. This is a great way to teach your baby to explore and learn every day activities. Other features include flashing light and musical sounds to activate your baby’s senses, animal book with images and sounds of corresponding animals, gear knob that plays music when rotated to encourage hand movements and much more. All these features make sure that your kid is entertained for hours and also improve coordination.


  • Explore music with buttons, sliders and gear knobs
  • Lots of features like animal book, flashing dinosaur light, day night film and much more.
  • Encourage learning and everyday concepts
  • Develop physical, muscle movements and self awareness
  • Flashing light and musical sounds activate child’s senses


  • Brand – Little’s
  • Model – 620
  • Weight – 989 g

Leapfrog Alphapup Scout

This clever puppy by Leapfrog will help in teaching your baby letters and words while walking. This puppy comes with a bone shaped holder that your baby can pull along and feel the sense of ownership. This Alphapup Scout plays alphabets songs and the buttons on puppy will play letter sounds ad names when pressed helping them in learning phonics. Its floppy ears and waggling tail makes it more interesting for your baby to play with it.  


  • Fun alphabet songs to entertain your baby
  • Helps your baby learn words and letters
  • Floppy ears and waggling tail makes learning and playing more fun
  • A good way to introduce your kid to animals
  • Interactive buttons that play letters and sounds


  • Brand – Leapfrog
  • Model – 80-19241E
  • Weight – 322 g

Little Hero Pound ‘N’ Play Toy For Kids

Little boys love to bash things up and the Little Hero Pound ‘N’ Play Toy is the perfect toy from 1 year old boys. Since they go through so much early development, it will be a good choice of toy to let out their frustration which comes with an easy gripping hammer to knock the plastic balls. The toy comes with a mallet and colorful set of balls where you have to knock the ball through the holes and watch them roll down.

Your boy will have a lot of fun playing with the toy also develop motor skill at the same time. The toy is also a great way to develop sight, touch, concentration and perception of your baby. Moreover it also helps in developing color recognition, hand-eye coordination and encourages hand movements. This is one of the perfect toys that you can gift your 1 year old boy for him to play for hours and learn at the same time.


  • Hours of fun and learning at the same time
  • Easy grip mallet designed for little hands
  • Helps in developing motor skills, hand eye coordination, color recognition, hand movements, sight, touch, perception and many more development skills
  • Your kid will learn to align the ball in the hole, aim and knock them through the hole


  • Brand – Little Hero
  • Model – 20503047
  • Weight – 762 g

Techhark Kick And Play Multi-Function Toy

This is an excellent toy for playing, learning and developing skills at the same time. The Techhark Kick And Play is a multi-function toy that comes with 4 play modes to keep your baby attracted: Lap & play, tummy mode, sit & play and take along. This is mad from 100% baby safe and non toxic materials. Another highlight of this toy is that it comes with a baby gym and fitness rack which will help in developing your baby’s skills.

Your baby will be rewarded with music when it kicks the big piano keys. It comes with a piano mode and music mode. Piano mode can be used to play music tones when the keys are pressed and music tone will play music. It has 5 busy activity toys with a big mirror and 4 hanging animals. This is an excellent toy for developing sensory skills like sight, touch and hearing. Movable toys o the overhead will encourage your baby to play and grasp. Moving the arch down will change it to tummy time play mode. This is a good choice to help your kid play ad grow at the same time.


  • Play, learn and develop skills at the same time
  • 4 game modes for hours of play: Lay & play, Tummy time, Sit & play and Take-along
  • Helps in developing sensory skills like sight, touch and hearing along with strengthening motor skills hand-eye coordination, cause and effect and more
  • Large mirror and dancing lights will develop visual sense and self awareness
  • 100% baby safe and non-toxic material used
  • Soft and comfortable cloth pad that is washable without any fading


  • Brand – Techhark
  • Model – HW-666-7C
  • Weight – 812 g

Kiddale Kids 5 In 1 Musical Toy

The Kiddale Musical Piano is an intelligent toy that come with colorful buttons, light and dancing animals that your kid will love instantly. This toy comes with 5 instruments piano, saxophone, accordion, violin and wind bell with 5 interactive animals that will make it more interesting to play for your baby. The rainbow colored 8 key piano when pressed will make the animals dance and play. It will be a treat for your kid to play the music and dance with the animals. The toy comes with smooth and soft edges to ensure your baby is not harmed while playing with it. It is made from eco friendly and baby safe materials and helps in developing many development skills of your baby.


  • Educational toy with colorful keys, light and animals to keep your baby attracted
  • Dancing animals when key pressed
  • 5 different instruments (piano, saxophone, accordion, violin and wind-bell) and dancing animals make it more interesting for your baby to play and learn
  • Made from eco friendly material with smooth and soft edges to ensure no harm to your baby while playing
  • Develops sensory skills, improves vision and hearing and improves other development skills


  • Brand – Kiddale
  • Weight – 839 g

Best Toys & Gifts For 1 Year Old Boys Buying Guide

Playing is not only to keep your kid entertained but it is also one of the fastest ways to learn essential skills. While the concept of playing is to have fun, it is also rewarding by introducing your baby to social, visual, motor and sensory skills. Even a simple act can make him learn a lot.

By including music and sounds in your toy along with hand movements, it is a great way to develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cause and effect, problem solving skills among many others.

How To Buy The Best Toys For 1 Year Old Boys?

Boys are more aggressive than girls so it is ideal to buy toys that stimulate their motor skills. Make sure to buy only those toys that are made from baby safe materials.

Another thing to make sure is to buy toys that are big in size so that there is no risk of swallowing or choking. Babies try to swallow anything they find and smaller toy parts pose the risk of being swallowed which might lead to health risks.

It is also a good idea to choose toys that are easily washable so that they are long lasting. Choose toys that that prepare them for the world like those that develop social, communication and learning skills so that they are ahead in the learning curve.

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