22+ Best Toys & Gifts For 2 Year Old Boys India 2022 [Buying Guide]

Keeping a 2 year old kid entertained and curious is not an easy thing to do. This is an age where your boy is trying to learn about his surroundings and exploring to have more fun and stimulate their curious and creative side.

Being a 2 year old is a great age on an educational level. This is the age where you can buy toys for your kid that is creative, fun and also educational. In this guide I will list the best toys and gifts for 2 year old boys that even parents will appreciate. So let’s take a look at the toys that are designed to encourage your child’s development and also keep him entertained.

Toyhouse 3 In 1 Deluxe Mega Push Car Ride

The Toyhouse 3 In 1 Deluxe Mega Push Car Ride is the perfect toy to start this review and is one of the best toy to gift your 2 year old boy. This fun toy comes with an easy electronic switch for music and horn, comfortable seat, removable foot rest and safe guard. It also comes with an extra storage under the seat where your kid can keep his extra toys or some snacks.

This toy is made from high quality plastic and comes with a push handle to the push the car easily inside the work or in a park. You kid will enjoy a lot riding the car and playing music and the compact design makes it easy to store when not in use. The guard will make sure that your baby is safe when riding the car.


  • Made from high quality plastic and is durable and long lasting.
  • Comes with switch for music and horn, removable foot rest, push handle and safety guard.
  • Push handle makes it easy for parents to push the car when outside or in park.
  • Available in several vibrant colors.
  • Safety guard ensured your child is safe while riding.


  • Brand – Toyhouse
  • Model – 382
  • Weight – 3 kg

Rvold Lovery Cartoon R/C Race Car

This bright and colorful toy is a fast moving remote control car for kids. This toy is very simple to operate. Just press a button and this toy will come to life. It comes with 2 buttons, 1 for forward and reverse and 1 for left and right. Maneuvering of the car is done by turning the steering clockwise and anticlockwise. Apart from that, this toy also comes with honking lights, music and blinking headlights.

This toy helps in developing hand movements, finger flexibility, sound discrimination ability, color perception and stimulate your baby’s imagination. This is a great choice of toy for your 2 year old kid to play and have fun for hours. It is also a great way to introduce your kid to remote controlled cars.


  • Fast moving remote controlled car for kids.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Comes with blinking headlights, music and honking sounds.
  • Comes with removable toy that you kid can play separately.
  • Helps in developing your kid’s abilities, hand movements, color perception and stimulates creativity.



  • Brand – Rvold
  • Weight – 499 g

Einstein Box for 2 Year Old Kids

Almost 90% of your kid’s brain will be developed during the first 6 years and it is very important. Einstein Box brings you this early learning box that will make learning fun and engaging for your kids. The box comes with several books and activities that will help in your child’s development, build essential skills and also good behavior and habits.

This box comes with 2 books and 3 fun activities that are designed for 2 year old kids that helps in building your kid’s thinking skills, improve vocabulary and social skills. This is an ideal gift for 2 year old kids.


  • 2 books and 3 activities designed for 2 year olds.
  • Helps in developing vocabulary and build thinking and social skills.
  • Develop love for books in your kids.
  • Encourage good behavior and habits.
  • Helps in developing your kid’s abilities, hand movements, color perception and stimulates creativity.


  • Brand – Einstein Box
  • Weight – 871 g

Smartcraft Colorful Educational Toy House

The Smartcraft Learning House is an educational toy designed for the overall development of your kid. This is a good choice of toy if you want your baby to be entertained and learn a lot at the same time. This toy contains many features to keep your kid busy for hours and also help him learn. Some of the features include counting beads, toy shape matching, math toy, rocket rotation, shape guessing and much more.

The toy is made of fun and attractive colors and shapes and contains 11 puzzle games, animal sounds and music. It is made from high quality, a non toxic material that is safe for kids. This stimulating and engaging toy helps in developing motor skills, visual skills, auditory skills, hand eye coordination and hearing skills.


  • Keep your child engaged with 11 3D puzzle games, 6 animal sounds and 8 pieces of music.
  • Helps in all round development of your kid.
  • Stimulating and engaging toy for healthy development.
  • Colorful toy in various shapes and sizes.
  • Improve motor skills, visual and auditory skills, shape recognition, hand eye coordination and more.


  • Brand – Smartcraft
  • Model – SC-0001
  • Weight – 1.24 kg

LEGO Duplo Town Building Blocks For Kids

The LEGO Duplo building blocks is an awesome toy to gift your 2 year old boy that is sure to keep him engaged for hours. The building blocks are perfectly sized for your baby’s little hands and come with 39 pieces including preschool teacher and 2 children. It comes with numbered blocks to help in learning and counting numbers and the blocks help in developing motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Other pieces include book, sandwich, wash basin, soap, chair, cu, jug, etc that will entertain your kid for hours and also help him in learning essential skills. It also builds creativity and imagination. This is also a good way to introduce your kid to preschool basics.


  • 39 pieces of preschool building with teacher, students, wash basin, sandwich, chair, jug, etc.
  • Helps in developing fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.
  • Numbered blocks make counting fun.
  • Lots of roleplay for your kid that makes it fun to learn.
  • Your kid will learn through creativity and imagination.


  • Brand – LEGO
  • Model – 10833
  • Weight – 572 g

Funblast Digital Block Train For Kids

The Funblast Digital Block Train contains 75 pieces of colorful blocks with wheels and engine shape block. The blocks have numbers on it which will help in learning numbers for your kids. The bright colored blocks come in various fun shapes and sizes are made from high quality plastic material that are safe for kids and are sturdy for long lasting use.

Your kid will be easily attracted by these colorful blocks and he will be hooked to it for hours. Learning numbers and playing at the same time will become fun and entertaining for your baby.


  • 75 pieces of colorful blocks with wheels and engine shaped piece.
  • High quality sturdy plastic made from kid safe material.
  • Colorful blocks with number make learning numbers fun.
  • Bright colored blocks in various shapes easily attracts kids.


  • Brand – Funblast
  • Weight – 880 g

Viking Toys – Garage With Harbour

This exciting product from Viking Toys is a multiplay garage with harbour that comes with crane, ramps, bridge, boats, helicopter and much more. This is a fun filled toy that provides lots of gameplay for your child. It is made of rounded plastic with no sharp edges which is kid friendly and ensured that they are not harmed.

All the features are simple to use with focus on form and functions that encourages kids for fantasy play. All the vehicles make less noise on any surface. The product is made of top quality and is internationally certified and can withstand rough use by the kids. The boats can be moved by filling water in the base which makes it more attracting for the kids.


  • Multiplay garage toy comes with crane, ramps, bridge, boats, vehicle, etc.
  • Top quality material that is international certified with EN71 and ATSM.
  • Simple to use with focus on form and function.
  • Kid friendly design with no sharp edges ensures your kid will not be harmed.
  • Sturdy and long lasting quality that can withstand your kid’s rough handling.


  • Brand – Viking Toys
  • Weight – 2 kg

Baybee Toys Dump Truck

If you want to gift a classical toy for your baby then the Baybee Toys dump truck is a good choice. But there is an eco twist with this toy. While being a fun and practical toy that helps in building motor skills, it will also teach your kid about keeping your environment clean by dumping garbage in the truck.

This is a robust toy which is EN 71 certified and is made following European quality standards and safety. Another special feature of this toy is that they are made from recycled plastics with FDA safety standards that ensure safety and durability.  Apart from developing motor skills, this indoor and outdoor toy also stimulates your child’s imagination.  They are also easy to clean with mild shampoo or soap.


  • EN 71 certified toys following strict European quality standards.
  • Develops motor skills and stimulates imagination of your kid.
  • Made from recycled plastic and follows FDA safety standards.
  • Kid friendly design with no sharp edges ensures your kid will not be harmed.
  • Durable, strong and easy to clean.


  • Brand – Baybee
  • Model – BBTT768-98_DV
  • Weight – 200 g

Baybee Lambo Baby Ride On Car

Kids love to drive cars and the Baybee Lambo ride on car will be an ideal gift for your kid. This EN 71 certified toy follows stringent European standard quality that ensures safety and stability. Every minor details are given utmost care. Your little one can steer the car left and right, move front and back just like his daddy.

The steering wheel also comes with music switch and honk function. The rear of the car comes with an handle that parents can hold and easily control. It also comes with a comfortable cushion seat, LED headlights and anti fall brake functions. The toy cat can handle a maximum of 20 kgs and can be even used by kids up to 3 yrs old. Other features include anti skid wheels, rounded corners to prevent injury for kids.


  • EN 71 certified toys following strict European quality standards.
  • Functional steering wheel with music switch and turn left or light and front or back.
  • Parents can control the car with rear handle.
  • Sturdy and durable quality.
  • Can hold up to 20 kgs of weight.


  • Brand – Baybee
  • Model – BBRD12_Red
  • Weight – 499 g

Jvm Unbreakable Automobile Car Toy

The Jvm car toy is a perfect toy for sandbox gameplay that comes with set of 4 toys – JCB, cement mixer, dumper and tractor. The toys have movable and functioning parts that will keep your kid entertained for hours. All the toys are made from kid safe non toxic materials. They are sturdy, unbreakable and comes in vibrant colors.

These toys help in muscle development, hand eye coordination, memory building, distinguishing and identification, sensory perception and coordination skills. All the toys are friction powered that makes it fun for kids to play.


  • Friction powered toys made from non toxic and kid friendly materials.
  • Set of 4 toys – JCB, cement mixer, dumper and tractor.
  • Unbreakable toy in vibrant colors for never ending fun.
  • Soft edged toy ensures safety of your kids.
  • Improves hand eye coordination, sensory and perception skills, muscular development, identification abilities, memory building, sensory skills and more.


  • Brand – Jvm
  • Weight – 499 g

Brilrider Balance Bike

The Brilrider Balance Bike is an excellent product that grows along with your child with adjustable seats and handle bars. This patented pedal-free design bike delivers hours of fun for your baby and also encourages your kid for cycling at an early age. This is an awesome product to help your kid balancing and riding without any trainer or support.

It is light weight, sturdy and comes in attractive colors. As your kid gets more confident you will observe that he will start experimenting and starts riding by moving his feet off the ground. It comes with tubeless tyres and is 66% lighter than other steel bikes with support wheels.


  • Teach your kid balancing and riding without any trainer or support.
  • Adjustable seat and handle bars
  • Light weight, strong and durable.
  • Building confidence, balancing and coordination
  • Comes with tubeless tyres which mean no more flat tyres.
  • 66% lighter than other steel bikes.


  • Brand – Bril
  • Weight – 2.7 kg

Vtech Little Apps Tablet

You can’t go wrong with choosing a toy for your kid when it comes to Vtech. This Vtech Little Apps Tablet is an excellent toy filled with fun educational activities. This toy helps your child in learning letters, numbers and words.

There are totally 12 activities with progressive levels – 8 learning activities and 4 fun games. It also comes with a piano and color changing screen. There is an auto shut off feature to save battery. It has a durable and friendly design and is loved by kids of all ages.


  • 8 learning activities and 4 fun games.
  • Cody the smart cub will interact with your kid.
  • Learn letters, numbers and first words.
  • Color changing screen with 4 different colors will attract kids.
  • Includes A-Z style keyboard, piano, calendar and more.


  • Brand – Vtech
  • Model – 80-139400
  • Weight – 522 g

Little Olive Tricycle

The Little Olive Little Toes Baby Tricycle with Push Bar with a IS 901 and BIS certified product. It undergoes more than 78 tests to ensure that it is safe for your kid so you can be sure that you have selected the right tricycle for your kid. Your kid will be turning heads for guaranteed when he rides this cycle on the streets.

This is an ergonomically designed tricycle that comes with many storage spaces front and rear basket, bottle, holder, etc. The seats are designed to provide maximum comfort and are adjustable so that your kid can reach the pedals. It also comes with 2 point safety harness to ensure your kid will be safe while riding.

The high quality EVA tires ensures that they don’t suffer from any kind of punctures. It is easy to assemble and can be ridden on all kind of roads so you can be sure that this tricycle will grow with your baby for miles and miles.


  • Comes with detachable push bar for parents to control the cycle.
  • Lot of storage space provided.
  • More than 78 tests conducted to ensure the tricycle is safe for your kid.
  • Features include adjustable seat, 2 point safety harness, foot rest, bottle holder, etc.
  • IS 901 and BIS certified.
  • Available in attractive colors.


  • Brand – Little Olive
  • Weight – 5 kg

Baybee Infunbebe Musical Drum Toy Set

The Baybee Infunbebe is a set of 6 different musical instruments where you play music in different ways like, shaking, blowing, tapping and beating. This is an ideal creative gift for your kid. All the toys are made from baby safe and non toxic material that is BPA, lead and phthalate free.

These musical instruments promotes in building early development skills like motor skills, creative and imaginative play, self expression, hand eye coordination and more. Move your children away from electronics with this perfect toy gift.


  • 10 different musical pieces including blowing, tapping, shaking and beating instruments.
  • Free from BPA, lead and phthalate.
  • Promotes in building motor skills, self expression, hand eye coordination and more.
  • Features include adjustable seat, 2 point safety harness, foot rest, bottle holder, etc.
  • Stimulates creativity, musicality, imaginative play and more.
  • Perfect gift for kids to make them move away from technology.


  • Brand – Baybee
  • Model – BBINML6610
  • Weight – 748 g

Mwg Exports Co Build Your Own Race Car Kit

Kids love to build things and take them apart. Kids have lot of fun doing this and this Build your own race car kit with 30 pieces, your kid will build his own race car with cool lights and sounds. Everything that is required to build this toy is included in the kit.

This is 2 in 1 toy where your kid will build the car himself and then play with it afterwards. It comes with a drill, screws and all other car parts required to build the car. Since the parts are detachable, your kid can mix and match and create a sports car or convertible car. This toy helps in building motor and cognitive skills.


  • 2 in 1 build and play toy with 30+ pieces.
  • Build a race car or a convertible car with lights and sounds.
  • Comes with drill, screws and all other car parts to assemble, take apart, fix and more
  • Mix and match with detachable parts.


  • Brand – Mwg Exports Co
  • Weight – 662 g

Ramakada Supermarket Shop Set

Children love roleplaying and this Supermarket toy from Ramakada can be an ideal gift for them. The toy comes with fruits, vegetables, candies, spoons, bowls and the attractive music and lights that will keep your kid hooked for hours. The colorful pieces easily attract kids and are realistically designed.

It is made from high quality material as per international standards. This creative, pretend play toy helps in building vision ability development, social skills, narrative thinking, creative expression, problem solving and more.


  • Creative, fun play with colorful supermarket set.
  • Develop basic living skills, creative play, thinking abilities, etc.
  • High quality materials as per international standards.
  • Vibrant and colorful toy with realistic images bring the set to life.
  • Promotes narrative thinking, stimulates creativity and builds social, visual and motor skills.


  • Brand – Ramakada
  • Weight – 771 g

Baybee Cruiser Pedal Go Kart Racing Ride

The Baybee Go Kart Ride is always ready to go. This is a battery free toy so you don’t have to worry about charging it. This is an excellent toy for kids 2 years and above. This is an EN 71 certified toy made with European standard which ensured durability and safety for your kids. It is ergonomically designed with comfortable seat position so that your child can ride for long time. This car can hold up to 30 kgs of weight and can be used by kids up to 8 yrs of age. The sturdy build quality means it can be used by your kids for a long time.

The car can be driven on any kind of surface and the wheels are silent, non slippery and water resistant. There is no need to inflate the tyres also. It also comes with a handbrake which makes sure that the car comes to a halt safely at any time.


  • EN 71 certified product ensures highest quality and safety standards.
  • Pedal push sprocket to move the car and is suitable for kids of 2 years and above.
  • Can be driven on any surface and the comfortable seat ensures that your kid and ride it for hours.
  • Grows with your baby. Supports up to 30 kgs and can be used by kids of up to 8 years age.
  • Easily reachable handbrake stops the car safely.


  • Brand – Baybee
  • Model – BGKT006
  • Weight – 998 g

MOOKLIN Water Doodle Mat

The MMOKLIN Water Doodle Mat is a perfect toy which is big enough for both kids and parents to play together. Even 2-3 kids can play at a time. It is made from non toxic material which makes zero mess and is safe for children. It is also water resistant so you don’t have worry about getting the floor wet.

This toy does not need any ink, crayon or any other colors. Just fill clean water in the magic pen and you are ready to go. The doodle drawn by your kid fades within few minutes which means your kid can draw something new again and again. The toy can help in stimulating creativity, imagination, color perception, hand eye coordination and more. It is an excellent toy to develop the young creative minds.


  • Large size mat provides enough space for 2-3 kids.
  • Made from non toxic and water resistant material which means they don’t make a mess.
  • No need of ink or other kind of colors to draw. You just need to add clean water in the pen.
  • Doodles fade away within few minutes and your kid can draw again and again and keep them busy.
  • Stimulates creative and imagination skills.


  • Brand – MOOKLIN
  • Weight – 181 g

Vivir Multi Functional Pyramid Educational Toy

This multi functional toy from Vivir is an excellent educational product for your kids. It encourages curiosity and wonder in your kids. It comes with lots of game play to keep your kid busy for hours. There is a microphone to speak and sing, steering with horn and gear shifter, drum which flashes light when tapped and many more.

There is also a toy phone to make imaginary calls. With more than 15 activities this toy helps in building motor skills, language development, hand-eye coordination, listening skills and more.


  • More than 15 activities to keep your kid busy.
  • Multi function toy keeps your kid busy for hours.
  • Endless fun and learning with colorful buttons, gears, switches and also music and sound to keep your kid entertained.
  • Lights, sounds and interactive games encourage learning and play.
  • Develops motors skills, hand eye coordination, listening and other essential skills.


  • Brand – Vivir
  • Weight – 1.31 k g

Arkmiido Wooden Car Track

This wooden car track is a simple but functional ramp racer that is sure to provide hours of racing fun for your kids. It is made from good quality wood that is BPA free and non toxic water based paint is used.

It comes with colorful race cars that starts from the top of the tack and slides to the bottom. This compact and sturdy toy is easy to attached and detached. This is a perfect toy for your kid’s development that helps in developing thinking skills, hand eye coordination, and stimulates focus and more.


  • Hours of racing fun for your kids.
  • Comes with 4 racer cars, 1 parking lot and 4 car ramps.
  • Made from high quality wood, BPA free and water based non toxic paint.
  • Develop thinking skills, hand eye coordination and stimulated focus and curiosity.
  • Colorful and vibrant cars keep your child engaged.
  • Develop learning skills, social intelligence, color perception, count numbers and more.


  • Brand – Arkmiido
  • Weight – 680 g

Orapple 6 In 1 Multipurpose Skill House Toy

Make learning fun and engaging for your kid with the Orapple 6 in 1 multipurpose educational skill house toy. This EN 71 and BIS 1493 certified toy is made from kid safe material and is tested to ensure it is free from any harmful chemicals or content. There are lots of features in this toy to keep your kid engaged for hours.

It has several play modes like Montessori, musical and logical learning. Some of the features include shape learning, lacing beads, assembling and disassembling, play with gears, xylophone, color recognition and lot more. Apart from keeping your kid busy for hours it also helps in building many development skills like motor skills, problem solving skills, hand eye coordination, color and shape recognition, phonological awareness and more.


  • Multi functional toy with lots of features makes learning fun and engaging.
  • EN and BIS certified ensures safety for kids.
  • Several playing modes make learning engaging and interactive.
  • Develop many skills like cognitive skills, motor skills, hand eye coordination, shape and color recognition and more.
  • Colorful and toy with pieces of various shapes and sizes keeps your kid attracted.


  • Brand – Orapple
  • Weight – 1.11 kg

Babygo Musical Enlightenment Phone Toy

Let your baby make imaginative calls to mom and dad and also learn at the same time with the Babygo musical phone toy. This safe and non toxic toy is made from kid friendly materials and comes in the shape of a telephone.

It has numbered buttons similar to a phone and also has several other buttons that play animal sounds. There is also a button to adjust the volume. Make counting numbers fun and learn about animals with this fun little toy.


  • Telephone shaped toy makes playing interesting for your kid.
  • Made from safe and non toxic materials.
  • Educational toy for counting numbers and learning about animals.
  • Buttons with animal pictures and sounds.


  • Brand – Babygo
  • Model – BabyGo_BTP09
  • Weight – 390 g

Best Toys & Gifts For 2 Year Old Boys Buying Guide

Buying toys for your 2 year old is not just about mindlessly entertaining them, it should also help in their development which important. Of course, the toys they play should be fun but also make sure to buy toys that is engaging and helps them in learning essential skills.

It should stimulate their curiosity and creativity. And since kids at this age tend to play rough spend your money on buying toys that are strong, durable and made from kid friendly materials so that they will be benefited properly with early development skills. The right kind of toy will capture your kid’s attention and keep him engaged for hours.

How To Buy The Best Toys For 2 Year Old Boys?

2 year old kids learn everything fast. Every day they are more curious to explore their environment and they may amaze you with what they can do.

Everything they learn at this age will help in setting the tone for their school years so choose toys for them carefully that is appropriate for their age and helps in learning essential skills that can be later applied into their real lives.

Toys that are color, attractive, durable, long lasting and most importantly stimulate their minds and keep hooked for hours.

You might also be interested in checking out the best toys for 1 year old boys to buy for your own kid or as a gift for others.

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