24+ Best Toys & Gifts For 3 Year Old Boys India 2022 [Buying Guide]

Once your kid crosses the first 2 years you might think that all your pain is over and you are out of the danger zone. But that is until you realize that your kid if 3 year old who is more curious than before and much more interested to discover and explore.

This is an age where your kid really starts to absorb knowledge and understand the things they learn. Kids who have reached 3 years should be physically and mentally engaged and the toys that you buy for them should satisfy these requirements. Let’s take a look at some of the best toys for 3 year old boys that will keep them engaged and entertained for hours.

R for Rabbit Magic Car Ride on

This ride on car by R for Rabbit will act as a race car for your kid. This is not your traditional pedal car and we are sure your kid is going to love it. Created using high quality materials, this is can be used without worries in both indoors and outdoors. It does not even require any batteries or gears and can carry weights of up to a whopping 125 kgs so this can be a fun toy for the whole family.  

It is very easy to operate and your kid will learn to ride it quickly. It is EN 71 certified and made with BPA free plastic and designed to give a smooth and safer ride. The PU wheels make sure to give you a smoother ride indoor without leaving any scratch mark on the floor. The car rides using the power of gravity and the ABEC 7 bearing gives you a smooth ride. All you need is a flat and smooth surface and this plasma car is ready to go. You can stop the car by simple stop turning the steering wheel.


  • EN 71 certified and BPA free plastic designed to give you smooth and safe ride.
  • PU wheels and ABEC 7 bearing will give smoother rides indoors without leaving any scratch mark on floors.
  • Made from highest quality plastic that can withstand weight up to 125 kgs.
  • Easy and safe to ride. Just twist the steering to ride.
  • No batteries, pedals or gears required.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors. All you need is flat and smooth surface to ride.


  • Brand – R for Rabbit
  • Weight – 4.43 kg

Little Olive Roller Coaster – Stylish Baby Tricycle

The Little Olive Roller Coaster is sure to turn heads when your 3 year old hits the street on this stylish tricycle. It is elegantly designed and provides optimum safety and stability. It comes with bigger EVA wheels that are made for India and can be ridden on any surface. There is also a 5 point harness that makes sure that your kid is safe when riding.

It comes with 12 inch large wheel with alloy finish that makes it look more stylish. There is a front a rear basked to keep any other toys of your kid. It also comes with a switch to lock the wheels when not in use.  The comfortable seats ensure that your kid can ride it for long hours and the canopy can help in shielding your kid from the sun.


  • Three layer foldable canopy provides cover from the heat.
  • Strong, durable and elegant design.
  • 5 point safety harness makes sure your kid rides safely.
  • Front and rear basket to keep other toys or food.
  • Comfortable seat to ride for hours.
  • Bigger 12 inch wheels with alloy finish and EVA wheels designed for India can be ridden in any surface.


  • Brand – Little Olive
  • Weight – 8.5 kg

Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper

Designed for kids of 3 year and above, this fun, foam based Pogo Jumper will be loved by the whole family. Supporting weight of up to 250 pounds (113 kgs) it can be used by even adults. It comes with a soft, sponge handle and stretchy spring that can fit for any height.

The Pogo jumper is guaranteed to give your kid hours of fun both indoors and outdoors while also help in building physical skills, hand eye coordination and dexterity. It also encourages your kid to have an active and healthy life style, builds balance and coordination, strengthens the core muscles and of course the fun factor.


  • Soft but strong and comfortable foam makes squeak sound every time you jump.
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor.
  • Strong and long lasting product.
  • Develops physical skills, balance and hand eye coordination.
  • Encourages active lifestyle and strengthens muscles.


  • Brand – Kidoozie
  • Weight – 458 g

R For Rabbit Road Runner Scooter

One of the choice of best runner scooter for your kid this EN 71 safety certified R For Rabbit Road Runner Scooter will make riding fun and safe for your id. Designed for kids 3 years and above with a weight capacity of up to 75 kgs, even parents can join the fun with their kids. With its unique design, your kids can start to ride even before learning how to balance which makes it safer for your kids. The eye catching design and florescent colors makes it attracting for your kids and let your kid learn how to balance easily by physical inclination.

The PU wheels prove smoother ride and makes sure there is no marks on floor when ridden indoors. The rear wheel comes with LED that glows bright enough even during day time. The ABEC 7 bearing provides fast and safe ride and the extra wide brakes bring the scooter to stop in no time. With a simple switch it can folded and stored when not in use.


  • EN 71 safety certified makes riding safe for your kid. Can withstand weights up to 75 kgs.
  • Eye catching and innovative design allows your kid to ride safely and learn how to balance easily.
  • PU wheels offers smoother ride indoors without leaving any scratch marks on floor.
  • ABEC 7 bearing offers smooth and fast ride.
  • Anti slip handle bar provides firm grip and extra wide brakes brings the scooter to stop in no time.
  • Adjustable aluminum pipe and strong base makes it easy for even grown up children to use it easily.


  • Brand – R for Rabbit
  • Weight – 3.2 kg

Toyshine Workshop With Drill

Your 3 year old kid is going to love this workshop bench kit by Toyshine. We have all seen our dads in our childhood playing with the toolkit and tried to imitate what they were doing. This toolbox inspired toy is going to give the same experience for your kid. This awesome 69 piece toolkit will teach your kid how to repair and fix at an early age. All the tools that are required to build, repair and construct (imaginary of course) are included in this toy.

It comes with a portable and folding bench to keep all in tools in one place. Another highlight of this tool kit is that it comes with a working battery-operated toy drill. Other tools in the kit include adjustable screwdriver, spanner, drill, wrenches, a vice, and much more. No job is too big for your 3 year old with this toolkit.


  • 69 piece toy including battery operate driller.
  • Realistic design and function makes it more engaging for your kid.
  • Encourages imitative play and develops motor skills and coordination.
  • Made from high quality plastic that is durable and lasts for a lifetime.
  • Portable and folding toolbox that can be converted in to a workbench.
  • Easy to organize all tools in one place. Comes with many tools including adjustable screwdriver, spanner, drill, wrenches, nuts, bolts and more.
  • Develops imagination and creativity, problem-solving, social skills, motor skills.


  • Brand – Toyshine
  • Model – EH-RDSA-KZFB
  • Weight – 2 kg

Vtech 3 in 1 Smart Driver

Which kid doesn’t like the thrill of racing? With the V-tech 3-in-1 Smart Driver, even your kid can start racing safely at the comfort of his home. It comes with a colorful and interactive steering that can be changed into three modes, a car, a jet and a motorcycle.

It also comes with a gear shifter that makes realistic racing sounds and a vibrating controller that enhances the simulated driving experience. There are 9 different courses to explore and at the same time it teaches letters, number, spellings, shapes and more.


  • 9 different courses to explore.
  • Adjustable steering for 3 modes of play: a car, a jet and a motorcycle.
  • Gear shifter that plays real racing sounds and vibrating controller to enhance game play.
  • Learn about letters, numbers, shapes and more.
  • Portable and can be carried anywhere.


  • Brand – Vtech
  • Model – 80-142000

Vtech Little Apps Tablet

Children see their moms and dads working in laptops and like to imitate what they do. Why not encourage your kid to play creatively in the same way with the Vtech Little Apps Tablet? This interactive tablet is filled with fun and education.

It comes with 12 progressive learning activities that will help your kid in learning letters, numbers, words and more. It has letters, a piano keyboard and many other colorful buttons that lets your kid play creatively for hours. There is also a screen with a cute teddy that interacts with your kid. It can be a wonderful gift for your 3 year old.


  • 12 progressive learning activities.
  • Volume control with automatic shut off to conserve battery.
  • On screen piano keyboard to enhance musical creativity.
  • Learn about letters, numbers, shapes and more.
  • Color changing screen with mascot that interacts with your kid.


  • Brand – Vtech
  • Model – 80-139400
  • Weight – 522 g

Action Products Batman and Batcopter Vehicle

When the city is in danger the only person who can save us all is Batman. And what can he do if he wants to reach the bad guys quickly? He will ride the Batcopter of course. The spinning blades and removable missile launchers make it more fun to fight the bad guys.

Stimulate your kid’s creative and imaginative play and help in developing cause and effect and dexterity with this toy. Let the batman sit in the Batcopter and fight the bad guys all around your house.


  • Batman action figure with cape and Batcopter.
  • Spinning blades and removable missile launches makes for realistic game play.
  • Stimulate your kid’s creative and imaginative play as he becomes the Batman and fights off bad guys.
  • Learn about letters, numbers, shapes and more.
  • Batman perfect sits inside the cockpit.


  • Brand – Action Products
  • Model – FNP65
  • Weight – 349 g

Toys Bhoomi 2-In-1 Take Apart Racing Car

Turn your 3 year old into an automobile engineer and get him started with a love for mechanics with this take apart racing car kit. It comes with a set of 30 pieces and has everything that is required to build this colorful cat that also come with realistic sounds and light effects.

A battery powered electronic toy drill makes building the car more realistic. It can be built as two different cars: a race car or a convertible car. This can be a perfect gift for your 3 year old who can play with it for hours.


  • Set of 30 pieces to build either a race car or a convertible car.
  • Comes with electronic toy drill that makes it more realistic to build and take apart.
  • Realistic sounds and light effects make for more engaging play.
  • Enhances thinking skills, tactile skills, motor skills and hand eye coordination.
  • Wonderful choice of gift for your kid.


  • Brand – Toys Bhoomi
  • Model – 661-184
  • Weight – 599 g

Fisher-Price Doodle Pro Slim

Give your kid the gift of art with the Fisher-Price Doodle Pro Slim tablet. If offers hours of drawing and doodling without having to worry about making a mess. It comes with a big magnetic screen and an easy grip stylus to draw easily. There are also 4 magnetic stampers in different shapes to enhance creativity.

And when your kid is done drawing, he can easily clear the screen with the easy slider eraser and get busy creating the next masterpiece. The big screen lets your kid express themselves creatively and helps in developing creativity and imagination.


  • Big screen and easy grip stylus for endless drawing and doodles.
  • Includes 4 different shaped stampers to draw all kinds of creations.
  • Easy eraser slider to clear the screen.
  • No need to worry about making a mess.
  • Enhances creativity, imagination and develops motor skills.


  • Brand – Fisher Price
  • Model – CHH59
  • Weight – 907 g

Baybee Mercedes Benz Battery Operated Ride On Car

Since childhood every boy dreams of buying a sports car when they grow up. So why not make your kid the happiest kid on the planet by gifting him the Baybee Mercedes Benz ride on car? This cool looking ride on car offers realistic and engaging driving experience with music and light playing while driving.

It can be controlled via remote controller by a parent until your kid has enough driving experience and then he can ride on his own. With two powerful motors on both rear wheels this car offers smooth ride. With several vibrant colors to choose from, this dashing car offers hours of fun ride.


  • Realistic sports car driving experience.
  • Two powerful motors on both rear wheels for smooth ride and maximum weight capacity of 30 kgs.
  • Easy to ride with front, back, left and right movements.
  • LED headlights, rechargeable battery and anti-slip, wear resistant, explosion proof tyres.
  • Side door with lock and 2 point safety harness ensures your kid will drive safely.
  • Parent can control the car anytime with remote controller.
  • Music can be played with TF card or USB.


  • Brand – Baybee
  • Weight – 998 g

Gift Equals Love Gelmag Magnetic Blocks

This 66 piece magnetic building block provides hours of creative fun while at the same time helps in learning basic fundamentals of physics, math, geometry, architecture and more. With so many colorful times your kid will have endless opportunities to build almost anything.

It comes with different shapes like triangle, quadrangle, hexagon, fixture blocks, wheels and more that will encourage your 3 year old kid for creative and imaginative play for hours. It helps in sharpening your kid’s mind and also develops spatial and cognitive abilities.


  • 66 piece building block set that is EN 71 safety certified.
  • Your kid can construct buildings, vehicles and more.
  • Sharpens mind and develops problem-solving, motor, spatial and cognitive skills.
  • Strong and durable build with attractive colors.
  • Your kid will be engaged for hours without getting bored.


  • Brand – Gift Equals Love
  • Weight – 1.43 kg

Webby Building Block Train Set

An ideal train set for your kid, it encourages them to build the track on their own with easy to follow instructions and entertain them for hours and also encourages their creativity and imagination. It comes in a set of 45 colorful pieces that is made from non toxic and eco friendly materials.

The smooth edges make sure that the pieces fit each other smoothly without any glitches or hurting your kid’s skin. It comes with a battery operated train with a mini cart that moves smoothly on the tracks. The vibrant and colorful set pieces stimulate visual development and the self installation procedure helps in developing motor skills and hand eye coordination. Give your kid hours for fun and imaginative play with this wonderful train set.


  • Colorful and vibrant 45 piece track set.
  • Self installation procedure nurtures your kid’s creativity and imagination.
  • Made from non toxic, eco friendly materials with smooth edges that fit perfectly into each other without hurting your kid’s skin.
  • Battery operated train with mini cart that runs smoothly on the tracks.
  • Develop motor skills, hand eye coordination and stimulate visual development.


  • Brand – Webby
  • Model – B078NKG67R
  • Weight – 249 g

MWG Exports Co Transport Car Carrier Truck

Boys love to play with cars and the MWG Exports Co Transport Carrier Truck can be an excellent choice of toy. It includes 8 mini cars, 2 off-road vehicles, 2 helicopters and has enough space to carry 28 cars with 14 slots on each side. It has a handle on the top to easily carry it anywhere.

There is also a slide on the front of the truck which will let your kids have more fun playing with them. Your kid will have lots of fun playing with the cars, loading and unloading them from the truck and playing with the slide. The front of the truck is detachable so your play with it separately. Made with non-toxic, BPA free plastic it also helps in early development of your child.


  • Space to carry 28 cars with 14 slots on each side.
  • Comes with convenient handle on the top to easily carry it anywhere.
  • Comes with a slide in the front to have more fun playing.
  • Detachable front can be used to play separately.
  • Made from non-toxic, BPA and lead-free durable ABS plastic.
  • Helps in developing your kids early development skills.


  • Brand – MWG Exports Co
  • Weight – 1.02 kg

TruGood 2 In 1 Slider With Basket Ball

Kids love to be on the move and they are going to love this 2 in 1 slider with basket ball that will let them play and have fun for hours. The big size slide is suitable for both small and large kids. The foldable and portable means that you can easily store it inside when not in use.

It also comes with a basket attached where you can play ball by throwing it in the net. This outdoor activity can also be played indoors at the comfort of home. It encourages physical activity by climbing, sliding, playing ball and develops motor skills.


  • 2 in 1 play with slider and basket ball.
  • Foldable and portable design. Can be easily stored when not in use.
  • Can be played indoor and outdoor.
  • Encourages physical activity and develops motor skills.


  • Brand – TruGood
  • Weight – 10.2 kg

Intex Gator Play Centre

Turn your kid’s bath time into a fun filled adventure with the Intex gator play centre. Your kid will have lot of fun splashing water which also comes with a water spray to make it more fun. It comes with a water slide, inflatable mushroom shaped shade, fish, duck and a bucket to keep your kid entertained.

Extra padding has been provided for the landing mat that will keep your id comfortable. It is built with 11ga vinyl which is durable and long lasting with a weight capacity of 50+ kgs.


  • Landing mat with extra padding to keep your kid comfortable.
  • Water sprayer makes it more fun.
  • Comes with a water slide, 1 mushroom shade, 2 inflatable fish, 1 inflatable baby duck and 1 inflatable fishing bucket for extra fun.
  • Made with 11ga vinyl which is strong and durable and has a weight capacity of 120 lbs(54 kgs).


  • Brand – Intex
  • Model – 57129NP
  • Weight – 3.83 kg

Smartcraft 2-In-1 Musical Jam Playmat

This 2-in-1 musical mat by Smartcraft can be an excellent toy for your kid to learn musical instruments in a fun and interactive way. This playmat will keep your kid engaged with 8 instruments, 24 buttons and 10 built-in music.

There is also an AUX input where you can play your kid’s favorite songs. It will stimulate visual and auditory senses and encourages imaginary and role play. This multi functional playmat is safe, durable and keeps your kid engaged for hours.


  • 2-in1 musical playmat to learn about various musical instruments in fun way.
  • Includes 8 Instruments, 24 Key Buttons and 10 Built-in Melodies.
  • Play your kid’s favorite music with AUX cable.
  • Encourages imaginary and creative play.
  • Stimulate visual and auditory senses and improves hand eye coordination and other vital skills.


  • Brand – Smartcraft
  • Weight – 962 g

Toyshine Wooden Tool Set

Children love to imitate adults and the Toyshine wooden tool set let’s your kid handle tools like his daddy. The toolbox is strong and has different slots to keep the tools. It will help in improving manipulative ability, imagination and creativity, problem solving, social skills, motor skills. With this kit your kid can learn about different tools and how to use them in everyday life.

This is a multi functional toy where you can convert the pieces into cats, dogs, tanks, etc which can help in developing your kid’s imagination. It is made from high quality wood and non toxic paint is used so it is safe to be used by kids.


  • Pretend play toolbox set with hammer, saw, nails and other essential tools to imitate adults.
  • Sturdy wooden case with slot to store all the tools.
  • Improves manipulative ability, imagination and creativity, problem solving, social skills, motor skills.
  • Multi functional toy which can be assembled into cats, dogs, windmill, etc.
  • Made from high quality wood and non toxic paint is used.
  • Stimulates imagination and creativity.


  • Brand – Toyshine
  • Weight – 1.15 kg

WISHKEY Doctor Play Set

Let your kid become a Doctor and treat sick mommy and daddy with this wonderful Doctor play set from WHISKEY. Your kid with endless imagination will have hours of fun with this realistic Doctor kit that come with stethoscope, thermometer, mouth mirror, syringe and more.

Your child will perform medical procedures like checking lungs with stethoscope, opening mouth and check tonsils, pretend to be a dentist and check for cavities using mouth mirror, etc. It can also help in eliminating his fears when visiting a doctor.

All the tools come in a easy to carry, portable case to make sure that all the tools are neatly stored so you don’t have to be worried about lose items. All the toys in the kit have smooth edges and made from non-toxic ABS plastic so you can be sure of your kid’s safety.


  • Excellent gift for your kid with realistic doctor set that mimics original devices.
  • Listen to heart beat sound with stethoscope when pressed against any object.
  • Includes stethoscope, thermometer, reflex hammer, syringe and other essential kit.
  • Encourages pretend play and stimulated imagination and creativity.
  • Develops sensory skills and hand eye coordination.
  • Portable case to store all the tools neatly.
  • Designed with smooth edges – safe for kids to play.
  • Made from non-toxic, high quality ABS plastic.


  • Brand – WHISKEY
  • Model – 8810A_Blu
  • Weight – 599 g

Toyshine Jumbo Size Tent House

This trendy tent house by Toyshine will keep your kid entertained for hours. He will have his own house to keep all his toys and pretend play every day. It comes with strong pipes and panels that are suitable to be used both indoors and outdoors.

Made from non-toxic material, the tent comes with a door and window that makes it more attracting for your kid. There is also a window at the top where parents can peek inside and surprise their kid.


  • Made from high quality, non-toxic material.
  • Sturdy pipes and poles make it suitable to be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Has doors and windows that makes it more interesting for your kid.
  • Hours of fun for your kid with his own house.


  • Brand – Toyshine
  • Weight – 1.8 kg

Smartcraft Toy Cash Register

Another ideal toy by Smartcraft for creative and pretend play, this set comes with 28 pieces including checkout scanner, cash reader, credit card machine, fake money and more. Perfect for pretend play as a restaurant or a super market, your kid will have hours of fun playing with it all day.

Not only it is fun to play, you can also teach your kid about counting and currency recognition. All the pieces are made from high quality and kid friendly materials so they are safe for your kids. All the pieces have realistic images on them which make it more engaging for your kid. Teach your kid addition, subtraction, multiplication and division functions in a fun way.


  • 28 piece set including variety of pretend groceries, fake coins & bills, swipe able credit card and more.
  • Hours of imaginary and pretend play.
  • Learn the concept of counting and currency recognition.
  • Vibrant colored toy with realistic images on them makes it more engaging.
  • Learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division functions in fun way.
  • Made from high quality plastic that is safe and durable.
  • Light and sound effects makes it more interesting for kids.


  • Brand – Smartcraft
  • Weight – 971 g

Fat Brain Toys Squigz Toobz

Squigz are designed for kids of age 3 and above and you won’t be surprised if he playing with them even during his school days.  It comes with 6 squigz and 12 toobz which can be used in a combination to create endless possibilities by twisting, bending, looping and more.

They are made from food grade silicone and BPA free material that ensures it is safe for your kids. It helps in strengthening fine motor skills, creativity, spatial reasoning. Gift this to your kid and let him build, explore, and discover.


  • Set of 6 squigz and 12 toobz that bend, wobble and wiggle.
  • Endless design possibilities by twisting, bending, looping and more.
  • Strengthens fine motor skills, creativity, spatial reasoning.
  • Made from food grade silicone and BPA free materials; ensures safety for kids.
  • Durable and long lasting.


  • Brand – Fat Brain Toys
  • Model – FA194-1
  • Weight – 290 g

Webby Radio Control Cartoon Racing Toy

This cute remote control car by Weebly can be a perfect gift for your 3 year old boy. This lightning fast racing car makes honking sounds and the music and flashing lights makes it more entertaining and engaging for your kid.

This bright and colorful toy easily attracts your kid and it is easy to operate. It has a steering look alike remote to control the car with buttons for moving front and back and a button for horn. It is made from safe and high quality durable plastic.


  • Lightning fast remote control car with honking sounds, music and light effects.
  • Easy to operate; buttons to move front and back and turn the car with steering wheel.
  • Detachable toy; can be played independently without remote.
  • Made from durable and ABS plastics.


  • Brand – Webby
  • Model – B073RQ868D-1
  • Weight – 399 g

SANA  Elephant Soft Toy Chair

If you want to soft something different other than a toy then you can buy this soft toy chair for your kid. Made from high quality, soft material your kid will love spending his day sitting on this chair. He will have his own sitting space to eat, watch TV or read books, etc.

The attractive design will make your kid feel good all the time. Because of its light weight it s portable and can be moved easily to any room. It is also available as different animals like dog panda and monkey so you will have a variety of options to choose from.


  • Made from high quality, soft material.
  • Cute design attracts kids easily and makes him feel good all the time.
  • Light weight and portable.
  • Also available as animals like dog, panda and monkey.


  • Brand – SANA
  • Model – Sana_065
  • Weight – 1.76 kg

Hamleys Fishing Game

Make your kids bath time fun and tantrum free with this fishing game by Hamleys. It comes with a fishing road, 1 net and 5 colorful fishes. Use the magnetic fishing net to catch the colorful fishes and make your kid’s bath time his favorite one.

Along with being fun to play it helps in developing agility, balance and hand-eye coordination. It is made from durable material that makes for a lasting companion for your kid.


  • Magnetic fishing set makes it very entertaining for your kid to catch fishes.
  • Made from durable and long lasting material includes 1 fishing rod, 1 net and 5 colorful fishes.
  • Attractive and bright colors make it easy to kids to find and catch them.
  • Develops agility, balance, hand to eye co-ordination and also encourages creative play.


  • Brand – Hamleys

Weight – 99.8

Best Toys & Gifts For 3 Year Old Boys Buying Guide

The real development for your kid starts once he reaches 3 year old. This is when he is able to play with other children without any supervision by adults. This is when he will start learning social skills and how to share and cooperate, how to wait for his turn and more.

So choose toys for him that lets him have healthy interaction with other children that may require team work, sharing and problem solving. The toys he plays with should help in developing self confidence, keeps him active, play with other children and challenge his motor skills.

How To Buy The Best Toys For 3 Year Old Boys?

3 year old kids learn quickly and master new abilities so you need to introduce cognitive and creative challenges for your kid. Toys should be such that it generates interest in them and make them curious and constantly stimulate their minds. 3 year olds are always looking for adventure and this is an age for fun and exploration.

This is also an age where they start question “why” for everything (which can be annoying). So provide them toys that generate curiosity in them and that encourage them to try and explore different things. It is also good to introduce toys to them that not only exercise their minds but also exercise their muscles.

You might also be interested in checking out the best toys for 2 year old boys to buy for your own kid or as a gift for others.

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