May 31, 2020

27+ Best Toys & Gifts For 4 Year Old Boys India 2020 [Buying Guide]

Kids are natural adventurers when they reach 4 year of age and always love to explore everything around them. They are filled with endless curiosity and imagination.

By choosing the right toys for them you can develop their individual talents, but finding the right toy for them is the difficult part. In this article, we will list some of the best toys for 4 year old boys that they will love to play with.

R For Rabbit Road Runner Scooter

Your kid is going to love playing for many years and assures lots of fun and exercise with the R for Rabbit Road Runner Scooter. With the adjustable bar, it literally grows with your child and can be used by children up to 14 yrs of age. It helps in developing balance and coordination which essential qualities required in many sports. It is EN 71 safety certified and ensures safe ride for your kid. Supporting a weight of up to 75 kgs even parents can join the fun with their kid. The high quality PU wheels ensure that no skid marks are left when ridden indoors. The rear wheel comes with LED which adds to the attraction. Foldable bar makes it easy to store when not in use.


  • EN 71 safety ensures safe ride for your kid.
  • PU wheels and ABEC 7 bearing makes sure to provide smoother rides indoors without leaving any scratch mark on floors.
  • Supports weight of up to 75 kgs.
  • Features non slip hand grip, adjustable and foldable handle bar, extra wide brakes and LED rear wheels.
  • Comes in various attractive colors.
  • Develops balance and coordination.


  • Brand – R for Rabbit
  • Weight – 3.12 kg

Einstein Learning And Educational Box

This is one of the best educational gifts that you can gift your child. It is said that almost 90% of a child’s brain development happens in the first 6 yrs so the early years of your kid is very important in learning essential skills. This educational box contains 2 books and 3 learning activities that are designed for 4 year olds. All the activities in this box help in developing thinking, vocabulary and social skills of your kid. Activities include learning good manners, animal habitats puzzle, spray painting and more that kids can also play along with their parents.


  • 2 books and 3 activities designed for 4 year olds.
  • Helps in developing thinking, vocabulary and socio-emotional skills.
  • Activities include learning about good manners, animal habitats, spray painting and more.
  • Ideal gift for kids to learn and play together.


  • Brand – Einstein
  • Weight – 898 g

Hot Wheels Mattel 20 Car Pack

Kids love to play with cars and this car pack by Hot Wheels is sure to make him a fan. With a pack of 20 unique cars, your kid is going to have loads of fun with them. All car collectors of age 4 and above can start their car collection journey with this car set containing 20 cars that delivers 20 times the enjoyment. You can play with the track separately or use an awesome track from Hot wheels to have endless fun.


  • Set of 20 unique cars.
  • 1:64 scale die cast cars.
  • Makes for a great car collection.
  • Can be played separately or using a track set.


  • Brand – Hot Wheels
  • Model – H7045
  • Weight – 889 g

Hot Wheels Speed Way Track Set

Get ready for an action packed car play with the awesome speed way track set from Hot Wheels. When it comes to toys related to cars and tracks you can never go wrong with Hot Wheels. It comes with 2 launchers, 2 loops and 3 targets that will give hours of fun for your kid. Just launch the car and see the car flying across the track. Since it comes with 2 tracks, your kid can compete with siblings or parents and double up the fun.


  • Action packed car track.
  • Comes with 1 Hot Wheels car, 8 pieces of track including 2 loop bases, 2 loop connectors, 2 exit ramps, 2 launchers and more.
  • Have fun competing side by side.
  • Non batter operated.


  • Brand – Hot Wheels
  • Model – DJC05
  • Weight – 1.1 kg

MWG Exports Co High Speed Construction Track Playset

Experience the speed of rush with the ultimate track playset from MWG Exports Co. The set comes with 4 cars, an elevator, and some road signs and construction kits that will keep your kid active and involved for hours. The parts of the set can be assembled and disassembled which makes your kid be aware of what he is doing and develops practical skills. All the parts are made from strong ABS plastic which ensures durability and it comes with a carry case to store all the parts. Not only it is lot of fun to play, it also helps in developing coordination, creative thinking skills, fine motor skills and thinking skills.


  • Ultimate track set that includes 4 cars, an elevator, and some road signs and construction kits.
  • Detachable parts that can be easily assembled by kids which helps in practical skills.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Includes carry case to store all components.
  • Develops coordination, creative thinking skills, fine motor skills and thinking skills.


  • Brand – MWG Exports Co
  • Weight – 689 g

R2 ENTERPRISES Basket Ball Kit

If you are looking for a toy that will keep your kid active and also helps in learning balance and coordination then the best option is to buy this basket ball kit from R2 Enterprises. Designed for kids of age 3 and above, it comes with 5 level adjustable height that grows along with your kid. It is easy to assemble and it suitable to play both indoor and outdoor. This basket ball set helps in developing motor and social skills.

Flybar Blue Fun and Safe Pogo Stick Jumper

Flybar which constantly comes up with fun new innovations brings you the foam jumper. Let your kid have loads of fun hopping on the stick jumper and get entertained. The foam jumper comes with soft grip handles, stretchy string and durable foam which can withstand weight up to 250 lbs(113 kgs) which lets even parents join the fun with their kids. Every hop is followed by a funny squeak that adds to the fun. They are great exercise tools which help in developing balance, hand eye coordination, strength and basic skills that are necessary for sports activities. Gift this toy to your kid and watch him jump(literally) with joy.


  • Made from durable foam and comes with soft grip handles and stretch string.
  • Can withstand weight up to 250 lbs (113 kgs) thus can be used by both adults and kids.
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor.
  • Makes a funny squeak every time you hop.
  • Develops basic skills like hand-eye coordination, balance and strength.


  • Brand – Flybar
  • Model – MFF-R
  • Weight – 499 g

Lego Duplo Fire Ladder Truck

Help firefighters save the day with this high quality fire truck set from LEGO. Make the firefighter climb the ladder and turn on the water hose to extinguish the fire. Your child will develop imagination and creative skills by coming up with various scenarios while playing with this fire truck. It will also help in developing construction skills while having fun at the same time. It also comes with fire extinguisher, shovel, circular saw, water studs and an axe. Let your kid be the hero and save the day by gifting this fire truck set.


  • Fire truck with extending and 360 degree rotating ladder.
  • Comes with 2 firefighter mini figure, fire extinguisher, shovel, circular saw, water studs and an axe.
  • Space in fire truck to store the elements.
  • Fire hose with lever makes it more realistic to play.
  • Develops construction skills and builds creativity and imagination.


  • Brand – LEGO
  • Model – 60107
  • Weight – 381 g

Paw Patrol Chase’s Transforming Police Cruiser

If your kid is a paw patrol fan then he will go crazy when you gift this Chase police cruiser for him to play. Your kid will use his wild imagination and come up with new adventures to play with paw patrol characters. It comes with a police car and a detachable toy that your kid can separately.  There is also a megaphone that opens up by pressing a button. No doubt it will keep your kid entertained for hours.  


  • Button that flip opens megaphone.
  • Play with paw patrol characters just like in the TV show.
  • Use imagination to come up with new adventures.
  • Detachable toy that can be played separately.
  • Made from high quality materials.


  • Brand – Paw Patrol
  • Model – 60107
  • Weight – 381 g

Little Olive Tricycle

Riding cycle is an excellent way to develop motor skills and also exercise the whole body at the same time. Let your kid roam all around the house both indoor and outdoor with this tricycle from little olive. Under going more that 78 tests and certified with IS 901 and BIS, you can be sure that the cycle is safe for your kid. It is made from high quality materials and the EVA tires are designed for Indian roads which do not suffer from any punctures or mishaps. It has storage space in both front and back to keep other toys or food. Let your kid have fun for miles and miles on this exciting exercise tool.


  • IS 901 and BIS certified undergoing more than 78 tests.
  • Storage space in both front and back.
  • Comfortable seat for long rides.
  • 2 point safety harness and adjustable seat.
  • Easy handle grip.


  • Brand – Little Olive
  • Weight – 5 kg

Hero Blast 16T Cycle

If you believe your kid is ready for bigger adventures then this cycle from Hero can be an ideal gift for him. It is easy to assemble since 85% of the cycle will is already assembled during delivery. It is made from strong and durable steel frame which promises smooth ride for long time. The high quality brake calipers offer secured riding. The seat is comfortable for long rides and is adjustable so that it can be used as your kid grows. The training wheels make sure that your kid rides safely till he learns balancing and the anti skid pedal provides firm grip.


  • Easy to assemble since 85% is self assembled during delivery.
  • High quality durable steel frame provides smooth ride.
  • Efficient caliper brakes provide secured riding.
  • Comfortable and height adjustable seat.
  • Easy to fit training wheels provides safety and helps in building confidence.
  • Anti-skid pedals.


  • Brand – Hero
  • Type – Mountain Bike
  • Tire height – 16T

Toys Bhoomi 2-In-1 Take Apart Racing Car Playset

Stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity with this 2 in 1 build your own racing car kit from Toys Bhoomi. It comes with 30 piece kit with which you can either build a race car or a convertible car. It is a perfect way to build curiosity and fine motor skills in your kids. It also comes with an electronic toy drill and makes building the car more realistic and engaging. Watch your kid as he builds a car on his own. The seat includes seat, engine, roof, bumpers, hood and more. It also has realistic lights and car sounds that makes it more attractive for kids. Made from high quality and non toxic materials it helps in developing tactile and thinking skills, fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.


  • 30 piece set to build either a race car or convertible car.
  • Electric toy drill makes it more realistic to build and play.
  • Attract child’s attention with realistic sound and lights.
  • Easy to use and fit the parts together.
  • Made from high quality and non toxic materials.
  • Builds motor skills, cognitive skills, thinking skills and hand eye coordination.


  • Brand – Toy Bhoomi
  • Weight – 599 g

Smartcraft Pretend Play Tool Set

A fantastic gift idea for kids who to fix everything just like their daddy. This educational toy lets your kid have hours of fun both indoor and outdoor. Your child can either play on his own or with his friends and improve his imagination. This tool set is designed to build motor skills, coordination and vocabulary development. It will give your kid lot of opportunity to learn about real life tools in a safe way. It comes with foldable carry case where all the items can be stored safely and you don’t have to worry about it getting lost. It is made from strong and durable materials that can resistant your kid’s dropping, throwing or banging while playing. It can be a fun way to educate your kid.

Magicwand Construction Toy Set

These cute looking construction toy set from Magicwand will provide endless hours of fun for your kid. The set of 4 toys include JCB, cement mixer, dumper and a tractor that are made from durable and non toxic plastic material that is fully safe for your kids. The vibrant colors attract kids easily. All the toys are friction powered and provide lot of fun play. It also helps in developing hand eye coordination, muscular development, distinguishing and identification abilities, memory building, balancing, sensory perception and coordinative skills.


  • Set of 4 friction powered construction toys.
  • Includes JCB, cement mixer, dumper and a tractor.
  • Made from strong, durable and non toxic materials that is fully safe for kids.
  • Improves hand eye coordination, muscular development, memory building, sensory perception and other essential skills.


  • Brand – Magicwand
  • Model – 326
  • Weight – 508 g

Baybee Junior Kart Racing Car

Give your kid the experience of driving a race car with this kart from Bay bee. It is pedal powered so there is no need to worry about charging batteries and is always ready to go. The seats are ergonomically designed and are comfortable allowing you to sit in a safe riding position. The pedals are non slippery and will keep your feet stable while riding. The tires are non slippery and wear resistant which can be ridden on any kind of surface. Easily accessible handbrake stops the car in no time. It supports a maximum weight of up to 30 kgs.


  • No battery powered and always ready to go.
  • Easy to use pedals that are non slippers and provides firm grip.
  • Anti-skid and wear resistant tires can be driven on any kind of surface.
  • Comfortable seat and safe riding position.
  • Easy to reach hand brakes.
  • Maximum weight up to 30 kgs.


  • Brand – Baybee
  • Model – BGKT006_R
  • Weight – 898 g

Paw Patrol Marshall’s Fire Truck

Just like the character Chase even Marshall is a hit among kids. No job is too big for Marshall who rides on his fire truck and saves all the animals. The toy comes with a fire truck and Marshall character who can be removed and played separately. It also comes with a switch which brings out water cannons to extinguish fire. This will be exciting toy gift for your Paw Patrol loving kid.


  • Ideal toy for Paw Patrol fans.
  • Comes with fire truck and Marshall toy.
  • Switch that brings out water cannons.
  • Made from sturdy and high quality materials.


  • Brand – Paw patrol
  • Model – 6045898
  • Weight – 331 g

Webby Building Block Train Set

Let’s get aboard the train and explore the world with this train set from Webby. This train set offers hours of fun for your kid while nurturing their creativity and imagination. It comes in a 45 piece set with vibrant and soothing colors that will stimulate visual development. The train is battery operated which makes it more entertaining to play. It also helps in developing cognitive skills and imaginative skills. All the pieces are made from safe and non toxic plastic that is durable and long lasting.


  • 45 piece train set.
  • Vibrant colors stimulate visual development.
  • Battery operated train that makes it more entertaining.
  • Develops cognitive skills, imagination skills and creativity.
  • Made from strong and durable non toxic plastic.


  • Brand – Webby
  • Model – B078NKG67R
  • Weight – 249 g

Toy House Mercedes Benz Battery Operated Car

Every kid dreams of owning a car and Mercedes Benz is something that comes to mind that everyone loves to buy one day. So why not make your kid the happiest one on the planet by gifting him his own Mercedes Benz car. This rechargeable battery operated car is EN 71 certified according to European standards and BIS certified according to Indian standards so you can be sure that the care the fully safe to ride for your kid. It also comes with a remote control for parents to supervise the car. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor and all you need is a flat and smooth surface to ride. Other features include anti-skid tires, seat belt, LED headlights, rear lights with a hi-fi dashboard, digital power display and more. Your kid will instantly fall in love as soon as he sits inside the car. It also has attractive light and sound effects and there is also an option to play mp3 using USB or TF card.


  • Mercedes Benz AMG lookalike.
  • EN71 and BIS safety certified.
  • Easy to ride with remote control for adult supervision.
  • Features include anti-skid tires, seat belt, LED headlights, rear lights with a hi-fi dashboard, digital power display and more.
  • Maximum weight of 30kgs.


  • Brand – Toy House
  • Model – THROC021R
  • Weight – 12 kg

Shumee Wooden Balance Board

Let your kid balance, wobble and jiggle with the Shumee wooden balance board. This balance board is an excellent way to learn balance, coordination and also build leg strength. It is rightly colored with butterfly shape that will attract kids easily. This is a great exercise tool just like the one used by athletes.  It is made from high quality wood and water based natural colors are colored so it is safe to be used by kids. It encourages physical activity and also builds motor skills which are essential for child’s development. A perfect gift for kids to play both indoor and outdoor.


  • Made from high quality wood with water based natural colors.
  • Improves balance coordination, builds motor skills and stimulate active engagement.
  • Great conditioning tool like athletes use that builds leg strength.
  • Encourages physical activity.


  • Brand – Shumee
  • Model – OTM-IN-IHD-BB-W-3yr-0014
  • Weight – 2 kg

ARHA IINTERNATIONAL Supermarket Kit with Shopping Cart

Take your kids pretend play imagination to whole new level with this supermarket set from ARHA IInternational. Let your child shop for groceries, fruits, vegetables and more. It comes with life size supermarket shelves, cash register, electronic scanner, fruits, vegetables, boxes and bottles with realistic stickers and more than will keep your kid hooked for hours. There is also a shopping cart that makes playing more engaging and entertaining.


  • Life size supermarket shelves with cash register, electronic scanner, fruits, vegetables, boxes and bottles with realistic stickers.
  • Shopping cart to shop for groceries, fruits, vegetables and more.
  • Realistic sound and light effects to scans barcodes, weighs produce, & accepts cash.
  • Encourages creative and imaginative play and provides hours of fun.


  • Model – 668-03
  • Weight – 408 g

Funskool-Fundough Fun Pack

Create endless colorful shapes and stories with Fundough fun pack from Funskool. It comes 12 colorful pieces of dough that you kid can use to roll, mold and create fun shapes. Your kid’s creativity and imagination will be unleashed while building confidence at the same time. There is also a gift set with different animals and shapes cutter that makes it more engaging for kids. The dough is non toxic and is safe to be used by kids.

Creative Educational Aids P. Ltd. Fun With Words Puzzle

Have fun with words while improving letter recognition, letter sounds, spelling and reading skills with this Fun with words puzzle set. The set include 30 3 piece puzzle, 24 page activity book and an activity guide. Children learn about words by joining the pieces together. This will help in learning spellings and improves vocabulary. The activity book will help in learning new words while improving concentration, observation and visual discrimination skills.


  • Includes 30 three piece puzzle set, 24 page activity book and activity guide.
  • Learn words and spellings by joining the pieces and explore new words with the activity guide.
  • Improve concentration, visual discrimination and observation skills.
  • Build vocabulary, recognize letter and their sounds.


  • Brand – Creative Educational Aids Pvt ltd
  • Model – CRE0639
  • Weight – 4.54 g

Yucky Science Ultimate Slime Making Kit

Make more than 15 different types of slimes like unicorn slime, glitter slime, mermaid slime and more with this ultimate slime making kit from Yucky Science. Dip your hands and get messy with this kit that comes with 21 items including glitters and sparkles. It is EN 71 safety certified so it is safe and easy to be used by kids. It includes a manual with easy to follow instructions that show how to make different kid of slimes. Make learning science experiments fun for your kid with this ideal science gift set.


  • Contains 21 items including glitters and sparkles.
  • Makes more than 15 different kinds of slimes like galaxy smile, glitter smile, unicorn smile, etc.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • EN 71 certified – safe for kids to use.
  • Ideal gift set for learning science experiments in a fun way.


  • Brand – Yucky Science
  • Weight – 699 g

Kinsmart Chevrolet Camaro Pull Back Car

Being a police officer is something that every kid imagines to fight and capture thieves and save mommy and daddy. Fulfill your child’s dream of being a police man by gifting him this police car from Kinsmart. This racing police car is friction powered which moves quickly when pulled back makes it more fun for your kid with his imaginative play. Watch your kid catch the bad buys with his police car and get entertained for hours.


  • Friction powered police car.
  • 1:38 die-cast model.
  • Doors can be opened.


  • Brand – Kinsmart
  • Weight – 159 g

Toyshine Foam Blaster Gun

Kids who love to play with guns will love with this cool looking foam blaster from Toyshine. The gun is easy to operate and the pack comes with 10 bullets. There is no battery required and you can load the gun with easy pull back action. There is also a muzzle to keep 4 spare bullets so you don’t have to keep searching for bullets. It is made from high quality ABS plastic that is nearly unbreakable. The bullets are soft foam based but still keep in mind to educate your child not to target a person as there are chances of getting hurt.


  • Easy to load pull back action.
  • No batteries necessary.
  • 10 soft foam bullet included in the kit.
  • Has a range of 15-20m.
  • Muzzle to keep 4 extra bullets.


  • Brand – Toyshine
  • Model – 687678
  • Weight – 322 g

Fisher-Price Doodle Pro Slim

Explore your creative side with this doodle pad from Fisher price. Featuring big magnetic screen your kid can create endless doodles all day. With an easy slide eraser to clean the screen your kid can get ready to start his next masterpiece again. There are also 4 fun shaped stampers to get more creative with your doodles. Stimulate your child’s creativity and imagination and let him draw new things again and again.


  • Big magnetic screen with easy slide eraser.
  • 4 different shaped stampers to get more creative.
  • No worries about creating a mess.
  • Develop motor skills and improve imagination and creativity.


  • Brand – Fisher-Price
  • Model – CHH59
  • Weight – 9.07 g

Piesome LCD Writing Tablet

If you want to go digital with your art then the Piesome LCD writing tablet can be an ideal gift for your child. Let your child explore his inner artist without making a mess. Enjoy drawing, learn numbers, spell words and do a lot more with this excellent tablet. The 8.5 inch screen gives enough space to draw and the tablet sense how hard you press and create lines of different thickness based on the pressure. The LCD screen does not have any radiation or glare which makes it safe for your kid’s eyes.


  • 8.5 inch screen gives enough space to draw.
  • Create unlimited art without making a mess.
  • Made from kid friendly material.
  • No radiation or glare which is safe for eyes.
  • Replaceable battery.


  • Brand – Piesome
  • Weight – 141 g

Best Toys & Gifts For 3 Year Old Boys Buying Guide

Children learn quickly when they have while playing. The age of 4 years is the preschool stage for your kid and it is very important for every parent to introduce numbers, letters and basic language skills to their children. By including simple puzzles and educational toys in their learning, it will help in essential development and such toys should be considered that encourage this kind of learning.

The toys should also be chosen in such a way that it lets parents to get involved with their child and help in bonding with them. By playing with your kid, you will get more idea about how he thinks and the things that he is exposed to when he is outside the home.

How To Buy The Best Toys For 3 Year Old Boys?

There are several factors that you need to consider when you are choosing a gift for your 4 year old boy. The toys you buy for him should ensure that he gets all the learning benefits while having fun at the same time. Some of the things to consider are:

The Taste Of Your Child

The first thing to consider before you buy a toy for your boy is his taste. While every child’s taste keeps changing every day, there are some things that they really love. And the best way to find out your kid’s taste is to just ask him about the things that he loves the most. For examples boy love things like cars, superheroes, construction toys, etc. Cartoon characters are also a big hit among boys.

The Material Of The Toy

Make sure that the toy you buy for your kid is made from non toxic and kid friendly materials. The design should be such that it must not hurt your boy while playing. Safety certifications like EN71 and BIS ensure that the toy is safe for your kid. Another thing to make sure is the durability of the toy as kids tend to bang and throw their toys often so they must be strong and long lasting.

The Budget Of The Toy

Finally the budget should also be in consideration when buying a toy. Most parents blindly buy toys out of love which might not last long due to bad quality. The budget of the toy may depend on how well you know your child. We strive to list the best quality toys at affordable price that are unique and provide value to your kids and the money you bought.


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