32+ Best Toys & Gifts For 5 Year Old Boys India 2022 [Buying Guide]

Toys are very important in the development of a child as they help in building essential skills and improving imagination while creating memories and patterns. The type of toy that you buy for your child should encourage them to use their hands and brain and keep them excited for long time.

Today there are so many toys available to choose from that it can get confusing to buy the right toy for your kid.  Hence I have created this useful guide which will list some of the best toys & gifts for 5 year old boys that you can gift to your kid.

Toiing Triple Stomp Rocket

Your kid is going to be very much excited when you gift him this Stomp Rocket toy from Toiing. It comes with a set of 3 rockets which can perform some amazing stunts due to its aerodynamic design. All you have to do is stomp on the launcher and you can launch the rockets up to 50 ft height. The harder you jump, the more higher you can launch the rocket.

Your kid can play alone or compete with siblings, friends or even parents. The rockets are made of foam which makes them safe and durable to play. It is a great gift for kids to encourage them to play outdoors.


  • Set of 3 rockets with launcher.
  • Can be launches upto 80ft in height. The harder you jump, the higher it will launch.
  • Rockets are made of foam which makes it safe to play.
  • Good choice of toy to encourage kids to play outdoors.
  • Can be played solo, with friends or with family.
  • High repeat play value.


  • Brand – Toiing
  • Weight – 358 g

Einstein Box Educational Pack

If you want to stimulate your child’s creativity and imagination, then this educational pack by Einstein Box is the perfect gift for them. It comes with 2 books and 3 activities that are perfect for kids of age between 4 to 6 years old. All the activities in this educational pack are designed to improve thinking skills, improve vocabulary and build socio-emotional skills.

The books teaches about good manners and animal habitats while the learning activities include puzzle set, memory game and painting set. Love by more than 5 lakh parents you will get best value for your money with this gift.


  • 2 books and 3 activities designed for kids between 4 to 6 years old.
  • Improves thinking skills, improve vocabulary and build socio-emotional skills.
  • Stimulates imagination and creativity.
  • Helps in developing interest in reading books.
  • Learn about good manners and animal habitats.
  • Play puzzle, memory game and become an artist with the painting set.


  • Brand – Einstein Box
  • Weight – 898 g

Zest 4 Toyz Kids Tool Kit Portable Workshop

Kids are always excited when they see their daddy working with the tool box when fixing household things and try to imitate by using those tools. Parents get tired trying to move away their kids from the toolbox since it can pose risk for them. By gifting them this portable workshop toolkit from Zest 4 Toyz, your kid can imitate play just like his daddy in a safe environment while learning at the same time how each tool works.

It comes in a 69 piece set with an electronic toy drill for realistic game play. All the pieces are made from high quality and durable plastic so you don’t have to worry about your kid breaking it due to rough use. This is a workshop toolkit that helps in building communication, social skills, memory building and Motor skills.


  • 69 piece toolkit with electronic toy drill for realistic game play.
  • Portable and easy to carry.
  • Helps in learning about different tools and how they function.
  • Helps in developing communication, social skills, memory building and Motor skills.
  • Made from high quality and durable plastic material that ensures long term usage.


  • Brand – Zest 4 Toyz
  • Weight – 2.03 kg

Hot Wheels Construction Crash Kit

There is something about cars and crashes that every kid is excited about. Cars moving and flying at high speeds is fun to watch. This construction crash kit by Hot Wheels satisfies such craves of your kid. Combine the pieces and let the cars flying for an epic hot wheels action.

It also comes with brick components as attachment that will stimulate creativity and encourages your kid for experimentation. There are 2 crash panels that you can blast through. With 4+ unique builds and pay offs, it can be re configured and customized for nearly endless track configurations.


  • Combine the track pieces for epic car action.
  • Improves creativity and encourages experimentation.
  • 4 unique builds and different payoffs and can be re configured for nearly endless track variations.
  • Blast through crash panels and brick components.
  • All the items in the kit have multiple uses which help in stimulating imagination.


  • Brand – Hot Wheels
  • Model – DWW96
  • Weight – 998g

Quill On Spyrosity

Let your kid’s imagination run wild with this quilling based creative toy from Quill on. Kids love to create things and the Spyrosity is designed to provide such kids a truly unique experience. Just take a few strips of paper and coil and start making fun and creative shapes. The patent pending motor tool will keep your kid excited and it is so much easy to use that even a 5 year old can quill easily.

This unique tool is one of the coolest ways to create fun things and one of the advantages is that it makes up for a mess free play since it does not require any kind of liquid glue. It works with most quilling papers so just keep refilling and keep the creativity rolling.


  • Patent pending motor tool makes it easy for kids to quill.
  • Just take few strips and coil and create adorable shapes.
  • Mess free play as it does not require any kind of liquid glue.
  • Enhances creativity as it lets your kids create fun and unique shapes.
  • Most with most quilling papers so just refill and keep creating new and unique shapes.


  • Brand – Quill On
  • Model – SS01
  • Weight – 998g

LEGO Pickup And Caravan Building Blocks

Explore the nature with your family with this extensive 344 piece pick up and caravan building block from LEGO. Featuring a big caravan with opening doors and roof, you can access the bedroom, furniture and much more. This detailed toy set has everything you need to set out on your next big adventure.

It comes with 3 mini figures, dad, mom and son and other accessories. The toy set makes for a lot of role play with opening side doors and a support leg which can stand on its own, removable furniture, access to bedroom and much more. Create your own outdoor stories and let your imagination soaring with this excellent toy set.

Genius Box Activity Kit

Art has the ability to spark creativity and imagination. Stimulate your kid’s imagination with this art and murals activity kit from Genius Box. The kit comes with a lot of creative activities like including puzzles, games, fun projects and more. Some of the activities included in the kit are rainbow art, sand art, murals and more. To encourage your kid, it also comes with an amazing artist certificate that will delight your kid.

The kit is made up of diverse and wide variety of creative activities that help in building socio-emotional development, world awareness, sensory and motor skill, language development, observation skills, hand-eye coordination and much more. This will be an excellent educational gift for your kid.


  • Wide variety of fund and educational activities including sand art mosaic art, murals and more.
  • Comes with amazing artist certificate to encourage your kid.
  • Create, play and learn in one kit.
  • Develops socio-emotional development, world awareness, hand-eye co-ordination, general knowledge and more.
  • Improves observation skills, language development, critical thinking.
  • Promotes playing as the best form of learning.


  • Brand – Genius Box
  • Model – PLAK0012
  • Weight – 998g

Ekta Spellex Junior Board Game

Make learning new words fun and interesting with the Spellex Junior board game from Ekta. This toy will help in introducing your kid to the world of vocabulary by joining words. The board also comes with pictures which will give hint to your kid to form words. There are 2 different game levels that is suitable for kids aged 5 and above and a total of 2-4 players can play. This can be a good game for kids to play with their parents.


  • Makes learning new words fun and interactive.
  • Board has images that give clues to form next word.
  • 2 levels of game play.
  • Can be played by 2-4 players.
  • Also suitable for older kids to create words on their own.


  • Brand – Ekta
  • Model – LW-ET050
  • Weight – 798g

Smoby Mighty Battle Scooter

Provide your kid with endless amounts of fun with the kick scooter from Smoby. Made from strong metal frame, this kick scooter is light weight and compact. The ABEC bearings and wheels offer smoother riding and the rear fender has a brake that is strong enough to stop when pressed. The soft foam handle offers comfortable grip and the wide foot board ensures safer ride. Since kids love superheroes, this batman and superman inspired scooter makes it more interesting for your id to ride. It can also be easily foldable and stored when not in use.


  • Strong metal frame that makes it sturdy.
  • Smooth riding with ABEC bearings.
  • Powerful brakes.
  • Comfortable foam grip handle.
  • Wide footboard.
  • Improves hand eye co-ordination.


  • Brand – Smoby
  • Model – 750320
  • Weight – 2.38 kg

K’NEX K-Force Battle Bow Build and Blast Set

Kids are characterized by their curiosity by the age of five, especially when it comes to how and what the toys are made of. One such toy that stimulates this creativity is the battle bow build and blast set from K’nex which lets your kid design, build and customize. The special feature of this toy is that it is made of non-toxic, zero waste materials. It comes with a set of 165 pieces including connectors and rods that lets you build 4 different blaster and target models. There are also preload ring, quick-fit grip and 2 dart holders included in the set that helps in designing various different models.

The main aim of K’nex toys is to teach kids STEAM, i.e., science, technology, engineering, arts & math, which makes education a lot of fun. Ply as an agent or an archer and use the soft foam bullets to shoot up to 75ft. The special rod-locks ensure that the toy won’t break up apart while playing.


  • 165 piece set made from durable, non-toxic and zero waste materials.
  • Build 4 different blasters and target models and create variety of bows and targets.
  • Long range performance what can shoot bows up to 75 ft.
  • Designed to teach STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & math).
  • Highly customizable to create your own blaster.
  • International standard quality.


  • Brand – K’nex
  • Model – 47525
  • Weight – 299g

K’Nex 35 Model Building Set

Another excellent product from K’nex is the 35 model building set. Similar to all the other K’nex toy set, the aim of this is also to teach STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & math) to children through building and creating. The set includes over 440 pieces that you can use to build more than 35 unique and different models including a space ship, motorcycle, trumpet and more.

Featuring movable parts, your child will be more than engaged playing with this toy set. Another bonus is that it comes with treasure chest style storage where you can easily store all pieces safely. It also comes with easy to follow instructions manual so your kid will not feel stuck at any point. Unleash your kid’s creativity through this hands-on learning activity.


  • More than 440 pieces included that can be used to create over 35 unique models.
  • Create models such as space ship, motorcycle, trumpet and more.
  • Treasure chest style package for easy and safe storage.
  • Movable parts for engaging creation.


  • Brand – K’nex
  • Model – 17010
  • Weight – 299g

Popsugar Fishing Game Set

Catch fishes with fishing rods right inside your home with the fishing game set from Popsugar. This exciting and fun game set consists of 26 fishes of different colors and players have to catch the maximum fishes to win the game. Your kid will have hours of fun playing with it.

To make it more challenging and engaging the pool board will be rotating and the fish will be opening and closing its mouth. So this makes for very interesting game play when your child plays with friends or even parents. Catch fishes of the same color or different colors as per the game rules and have hours of fun. It is EN 71 safety certified which ensured safety and durability.


  • EN 71 safety certified and follows stringent European standards.
  • 26 colorful fishes with 4 magnetic fishing rods to catch them.
  • Music and light effects to attract kids and make game play more interesting.
  • Rotating fish pool board with opening and closing fishing mouth to make the game more challenging and interesting.
  • Hours of fun and can be played by 2-4 players.


  • Brand – Popsugar
  • Model – THFS356B
  • Weight – 499g

Imagimake Mapology India Puzzle

Make learning geography more fun and interesting with the mapology learning puzzle set by Imagimake. Introduce and encourage your child to the world of geography and teach him to learn the names of all the states and their capitals. The toy is made from Eva foam and cut into state shapes that fits perfectly into the puzzle and also includes flags. Kids can learn about states and their capitals by joining the pieces and placing flags on top of them. This is a fun way to learn about geography and also improve motor skills and state shape recognition.


  • Unique and fun way to learn about Indian states and their capitals.
  • Made from 8mm eva foam and includes 23 state pieces, 34 flags and corresponding state capital stickers.
  • Precisely cut state shapes with soft edges that fit perfectly to each other.
  • Improve motor skills and state shape recognition.
  • Includes user guide to help in solving the puzzle.


  • Brand – Imagimake
  • Model – MP12
  • Weight – 440g

Imagimake Mapology World Puzzle

Once your child learns about India and its states, why not introduce him to explore countries across the rest of the world. You can make it possible by Imagimake’s mapology world puzzle set. This unique puzzle consists of 2 for world map, 1 for Europe map, 83 country shaped pieces, 65 flags, and capital stickers. Learning about all the countries can be overwhelming for a kid if it’s not playful. This puzzle toy can be the perfect solution to the problem.

All the countries are precisely cut in their actual shapes which help your kid in understanding better. Each country has its name of the shape and flags come with corresponding stickers of the respective country. Loved by both parents and children this helps in building motor skills, improving shapes recognition, helps in memorizing the countries location and their national flags along with its capitals.


  • Unique world puzzle to explore all the countries.
  • Includes 2 for world map, 1 for Europe map, 83 country shaped pieces, 65 flags, and capital stickers made from eva foam.
  • Precisely cut country shapes with soft edges that fit perfectly to each other.
  • Improves knowledge of geographical location of countries along with their capitals and national flags.
  • Improves motor skills, country shapes and flag recognition.
  • Includes user guide to help in solving the puzzle.


  • Brand – Imagimake
  • Model – MP14
  • Weight – 572g

Neustar Shockproof Binocular

Learning outdoors can be made even more fun with the shockproof binoculars from Neustar. It is designed for kids to play and learn at the same time and your kid can use these binoculars for outdoor activities such as bird watching, learning or during vacation. This non-slip and shockproof binoculars is durable enough to withstand drops, falls and the rough usage of kids. The design is attractive and the high quality focus will provide crystal clear images even up to 100 yards. The focus can be adjusted to both kids and adult’s eyes so it’s a win-win for both.


  • Non-slip, waterproof and shockproof design.
  • Crystal clear focus. Even tree leaves 100 yards away will be in sharp focus.
  • High quality rubber and material can withstand drops and falls.
  • Up to 8x magnification.
  • Soft rubber around eyes for protection.
  • Great for outdoor adventures.
  • Available in several attractive colors.


  • Brand – Neustar
  • Weight – 204g

Webby Climb And Slide

Every child loves to slide and the Webby climb and slide makes your kid’s love for sliding true even at home. This toy helps in a lot of physical activity as your kid will keeping climbing and sliding for hours. Made from high quality and non-toxic PE material, it can withstand weight of up to 20 kg which means that it can be used for a long time. The slide is smooth without any hard edges so your child will not get hurt. This slide helps in developing motor skills of your child while providing never ending fun.


  • Made from high quality and non-toxic E material.
  • Withstand up to 20 kgs.
  • Smooth slide without any hard edges ensures safety.
  • Easy to assemble and fold when not in use.


  • Brand – Webby
  • Model – sdaQQ
  • Weight – 5.26 kg

ABC Kids World Ladder

Encouraging good physical exercise for children, this kids ladder by ABC Kids World would be an ideal gift. Made from strong and sturdy sticks your kid will have blast climbing up and down the ladder. Each stick is 1 feet long and the total height of the ladder is 7.5 feet. It comes with an S hook which makes it easy to hand on the ceiling. High quality 10mm rope is used for the ladder. Combined with strong sticks you can be sure that your kid can climb safely without breaking it.


  • S hook for easy hanging on ceiling.
  • Strong and sturdy sticks with 10mm high quality rope.
  • 1 ft tall stick with ladder total height of 7.5 ft.
  • Promotes good physical exercise.


  • Brand – ABC Kids World
  • Model – ABC701
  • Weight – 1.2 kg

Speed Bird Cycle

It’s time to introduce your child from tricycle to bicycle and the cycle from Speed Bird would be an ideal gift. The cycle is specially designed for kids and is made from high strength and durable materials. Built with steel, it features anti-skid pedals, chain cover, front basket, rear extended seat, back support, unbreakable molded rims and training wheels. The mig welded steel frame ensures durability and the soft seat provides comfortable position. Encourage your kid to explore outdoors with this ideal gift.


  • MIG welded strong and sturdy steel frame.
  • Attractive and colorful design.
  • Non slip tyres with unbreakable molded rims.
  • Front basket to keep other toys and accessories and rear extended seat.


  • Brand – Speed Bird
  • Size – 14″

Baybee Wooden Abacus

Abacus is an interesting and engaging way of learning maths. Invented around 2700 BC, it was used to explored arithmetic concepts and as a tool for counting before the written Hindu–Arabic numeral system was adopted. Since then Abacus has evolved in a lot of different designs and today the wooden abacus is available in several different colors, variations and patterns that makes learning very exciting. It helps in improving motor and problem solving skills while boosting creativity and imagination. It is very easy to learn and understand.


  • Classic high quality wooden abacus.
  • Improve math skills, patterning and color recognition.
  • Boost hand-eye coordination ability.
  • Easy to learn and understand.


  • Brand – Baybee
  • Model – BBWTA-001
  • Weight – 299g

Marvin’s Mind Magic Tricks

Magic is something that always keeps kids excited so let your kid discover the world of magic with the magic tricks set from Marvin’s Mind. Turn your child into a magician with more than 100 mind blowing magic tricks to perform and entertain everyone. Observe as they gasp with excitement as you perform magic tricks and dive deeper into the illusion world. The set includes some of the most popular magic tricks like rising card, instant money, invisible pen, vanishing coin and much more. There is also an easy to follow manual included in the kit.


  • More than 100 mind blowing tricks.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Includes popular magic tricks like vanishing coin, card tricks, invisible pen, levitation and more.
  • One of the best magic tricks set.


  • Brand – Marvin’s Mind
  • Model – MMB5703
  • Weight – 685g

Genius Box DIY Science Lab

Explore and discover science through fun and engaging experiments with the science lab kit from Genius Box.  Designed for kids above 5 years old, it comes with 30 fun science experiments, step by step DIY instructions and certificate for completing the experiments. There are wide variety of experiments ranging from liquids, sound and music, chemical fusion, light and shadow and optical illusions. The science lab kit helps in improving sensory and motor skills, creativity & imagination, cognitive development and logical thinking.


  • More than 30 fun and exciting science experiments.
  • Learn through S.T.E.M (science, technology, engineering and maths).
  • Experiments include liquids, sound and music, chemical fusion, light and shadow and optical illusions.
  • Junior scientist certificate included for completing the experiments.
  • Improve sensory and motor skills, language development, world awareness, creativity & imagination, cognitive development, socio-emotional development and logical thinking.


  • Brand – Genius Box
  • Model – 2000
  • Weight – 998g

Chocozone Marble Run

If you are searching for a toy that will provide hours of fun for your kid, while also help in improving their learning abilities then the Marble run building set from Chocozone is a good choice. It encourages problem solving and spatial thinking while promising hours of fun. This does not have any fixed shape so your kid can create virtually endless designs that will only be limited by his creativity.

It comes in 108 pieces with three difficulty modes – easy, medium and hard that kids can choose as per their age. Once the maze is designed let the marble roll and watch it travel through the blocks and feel proud of the accomplishment. The pieces are easy to assemble and help in improving hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, creativity, color and shape recognition, spatial imagination ability. All the pieces are made from high quality, non toxic plastic that is not easy to break and the smooth edges ensure that your kid is not hurt when building the blocks.


  • Includes 108 pieces with 3 difficulty modes – easy, medium and hard.
  • Encourages free thinking, problem solving, hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, creativity, color and shape recognition, spatial imagination ability.
  • No fixed shape which means there are unlimited possibilities of maze designs.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Made from high quality, non toxic plastic that is not easy to break or snap.
  • Encourages creativity, promotes patience & develops self-confidence.
  • An excellent toy for cultivating parent child relationship.


  • Brand – Chocozone
  • Weight – 621g

Baybee Pedal Go Kart

Kids will fall in love with this pedal go Kart from Baybee. Designed for fun filled activity, this go Kart is EN 71 certified which means that it follows strict European safety standards so you can be sure of its safety. This is a pedal driven car so there is no need to worry about charging battery. It has anti-skid wheels and can be driven on any kind of surface whether its asphalt, grass, brisk or wooden floor. With a maximum weight capacity of 30 kgs you kid can ride this even when he gets older. The easy to reach handle can be used to stop the car without much effort.


  • EN 71 safety certified. Safe for kids.
  • Pedal push driven. No need to worry about battery charging.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable seat ensures safe ride for longer.
  • Suitable for kids up to 8 years of age with a maximum weight capacity of 30 kgs.
  • Anti-skid wheels, wear-resistant and silent wheels can be ridden on any kid of surface.
  • Easy to reach hand brake can be used to stop the car immediately.


  • Brand – Baybee
  • Model – BGKT006_B
  • Weight – 898g

Birthday Popper Magic Pen with UV-Light

Keeping secrets is something that excites any kid and this magic pen by Birthday Popper makes it possible. Surprise your child by writing secret messages with this pen and excite him all day long. The pen also comes with a UV light that reveals the message when light is flashed on it. Writing messages for your child and letting him write secret messages for you can be a great way to build parent child relationship.


  • Invisible ink pen with UV light.
  • Write secret messages that will be revealed when UV light is flashed on it
  • Available in variety of attractive colors.
  • Great way to build parent-child relationship by exchanging secret messages.


  • Brand – Birthday Popper
  • Weight – 222g

ZODO LCD Writing Pad

Unleash your child’s unlimited creativity with this LCD drawing and writing pad from ZODO. The 8.5 inch pad comes with a stylus pen that you use to write on it just like paper. It is an ideal gift for children to keep them occupied where they can create unlimited doodles without messing up. No more wastage of papers means you are helping in saving trees. The LCD screen is radiation free so it is safe for eyes. By pressing a button you can clear the screen and start drawing again.


  • Multi-purpose drawing pad. Ideal for kids to write and draw.
  • Mess free drawing without wasting papers.
  • Radiation and dust free screen. Helps in protecting child’s eyes.
  • High battery life.


  • Brand – ZODO
  • Weight – 159g

FunBlast Cute Mini Digital Camera

Encourage the inner photographer of your child by gifting him this digital camera from FunBlast. The camera has all the tools required for becoming a budding photographer. It has a 2 inch IPS screen and support taking photos in 8MP resolution and 1080P HD videos. The design is attractive, portable and light weight which makes it easy for kids to carry. It also includes 15 funny frames and 7 scenes to choose from which lets your child capture a lot of happy moments. The camera is enclosed in a high grade shell that is shockproof and can withstand accidental drops. There is also an auto shutoff feature to save battery life.


  • Take photos in 8MP resolution and full HD 1080P videos.
  • Portable, light weight and easy to carry.
  • 15 funny frames and 7 scenes included to take a lot of memorable photos.
  • Shockproof design to withstand accidental falls
  • Auto shutoff feature to save battery life.
  • Other features include USB charging, time lapse, burst shooting and more.


  • Brand – FunBlast
  • Weight – 109g

Homecute Play Tent House

Family vacations will get much more interesting with this play tent house from Homecute. This tent house can be used both indoors and outdoors which adds more value to it. It is very spacious from inside so you can do a lot of fun things whether you are going for a picnic or during bedtime stories and even play games. The doors and windows are large enough and provide good ventilation. The polyester fabric is of high quality and durable.


  • Perfect tent for whole family fun.
  • Portable, durable and high quality.
  • Polyester fabric and steel frame with spring technology.
  • Large size doors and windows for good ventilation.


  • Brand –Homecute
  • Model – PLAYTENT1325
  • Weight – 1.2 kg

Toyshine Foam Blaster Gun

This is a great shooting gun with soft foam bullets by Toyshine. Kids will love shooting imaginary targets with the foam bullets and suction darts.  The gun is very easy to operate. All you have to do is load the bullet in the gun, pull back the lever and shoot. There is a magazine in the front of the gun that can be used to load 4 bullets. The toy comes with 5 soft foam bullets and 5 suction darts and is safe to be used by kids.


  • Easy to operate. Just pull the level back and shoot.
  • Magazine to keep 4 bullets.
  • Includes 5 foam bullets and 5 suction darts.
  • Safe for kids.


  • Brand –Toyshine
  • Model – 687678
  • Weight – 322g

Chocozone Building Blocks with Gears

Another great product by Chocozone for STEM learning is the battery operated building blocks. This is an 81 piece set with interlocking blocks that can bring lots of joy for your 5 year old kid. The blocks are challenging but easy to build that will never bore your kid. The battery operated motorized wheels keep your child attracted and entertained for hours. All the items are made from high quality ABC plastic that is non toxic and does not harm your child.


  • 81 piece building block set with gears.
  • Motorized blocks and vivid colors attract kids easily.
  • Hours of fun for your kid.
  • Made from high quality, non toxic ABS plastic.


  • Brand –Chocozone
  • Weight – 399g

Play Poco Magnetic Shapes Set

Let your child’s imagination go wild with this colorful magnetic shape set from Play Panda. It comes with 102 magnetic pieces and 200 patterns book and lets you create more than 500 different shapes including fruits, animals, birds, vehicles and more. Create fun shapes using your imagination that will help in boosting creativity and imagination, problem solving skills, improves geometric and spatial understanding. This set provides hours of fun that your child ca solo or in group.


  • Includes 102 magnetic shapes.
  • Booklet with 300 patterns to get your child started.
  • Your kid can use own imagination to create any kind of shape.
  • Enhances problem solving skills, improves geometric and spatial understanding.


  • Brand –Play Poco
  • Model – PC001
  • Weight – 748g

The Flyers Bay RC Car

Kids love for cars is known to all and this remote controlled car from The Flyers Bay is going to excite your child. This monster car comes with suspension system and rubber tyres and can be driven on any kind of surface like sand, grass or floor. The hummer car is big and mean and attracts your child easily. It comes with a wireless remote control and rechargeable batteries. Just charge the battery and get the monster moving anywhere you want.


  • Big and mean monster car.
  • Features suspension system and rubber tyres for riding on any kind of surface.
  • Wireless joystick with rechargeable batteries.
  • Hours of fun.


  • Brand – The Flyers Bay
  • Weight – 998g

Best Toys & Gifts For 5 Year Old Boys Buying Guide

5 year old kids are more adventurous than ever and their every play is filled with adventure. They can switch their roles instantly and fulfill their wishes. One moment they will become superhero and an agent in another moment. They toys you buy from them should stimulate their senses, while helping in practicing new skills and learn social behavior.

All the above listed toys are perfect for 5 year old boys. There is something for everyone, from cars, puzzles, art, science, etc that will help in learning and development of children. They also provide a platform for your kid where they can display their skills in an efficient and fun way.

How To Buy The Best Toys For 5 Year Old Boys?

Children should be able to read, write, learn and play creatively. With the advanced in technology the difference in electronic and traditional form of learning is getting thin. While picking the best toy for your kid, here are some of the factors that you need to consider:

Make sure that the material used to make the toys are non toxic and durable to ensure your kid’s safety. The toys should be designed in such a way that it should not pose any kid of risk to your child. They should be made with strong material that shouldn’t break easily as children tend to use in a rough way.

Another factor to consider is the preference of your kid. Every child has different interest and you should keep this in mind while buying toys for them. Even though a child’s interest keep changing every day, there are certain things they would love to use every day. You can find this out by asking your child directly or watch them closely how they interact with different objects on daily basis.

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