Best Toys & Gifts For 7 Year Old Boys India Review 2021

When your child reaches 7 years of age you probably have a better idea of his likes and dislikes. A 7 year old boy is always full of energy and has endless desire to play and explore.

The toy you buy for your 7 year old should tap into this desire and let him encourage and explore new experiences.

Best Toys & Gifts For 7 Year Old Boys Review

If choosing a toy for your 7 year old child is getting difficult then then go for a toy that is both entertaining and educational at the same time. There is perfect toy for every child in every budget.

To help you out in browsing through the endless option of toys, we provide you a list of some of the best toys for 7 year old boys available online.

DE Cool Space Shuttle Launch Center


  • Educational block construction toy.
  • Big 679 piece set to build shuttle base and other accessories.
  • Four mini figures included.
  • Stimulates imaginary play with different scenarios.

Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Kit


  • Learn while you play.
  • Contains over 30 parts including snap wires, slide switches, an alarm circuit, a music integrated circuit, and a speaker that will snap together easily without any soldering.
  • Create more than 100 DIY projects that is entertaining and also teaches how electronics work.
  • No soldering or tools required.
  • All prices are numbered and coded for easy identification.
  • Over 30 color-coded, real circuit components that snap together to create working electronic circuits and devices.
  • Create circuit boards similar to the ones like TV, radio and other electronic devices.
  • Hands on education on how everyday electronics work.
  • Some of the included projects are sound-activated switch, a musical doorbell, a voice-controlled lamp, a flying saucer, and a light police siren.
  • Includes detailed instruction guide.
  • Create your own customized circuits and electronic devices.
  • Compatible with other snap circuit kit to take your projects to next level.

365 Tales from Indian Mythology


  • Best time to introduce your child to reading books.
  • 365 popular tales that celebrate rich Indian culture and tradition.
  • Teach your child important life lessons that help in their spiritual growth and strengthen their emotional intelligence.
  • Delightful introduction to mythology, folklore, and legends, that creates awareness, understanding, and appreciation the cultural fabric.
  • Vibrant and beautifully designed that your child will cherish for years.
  • Encourage reading habits.

TANMAN Classical Magic Show


  • Become the greatest young magician.
  • Performs more than 81 magic tricks.
  • Detailed instruction guide.
  • Boost your confidence and enhance fine motor skills.
  • Amaze your friends and family by performing tricks like floating wand, vanishing coin, card tricks, etc.
  • Perform magic tricks even on spectator’s hands.

FIREFOX Alfa 16T Kids Cycle


  • Lightweight and durable steel frame that offers excellent stability.
  • Equipped with v-brake for power braking.
  • Comes with ZOOM front suspension with 40mm travel and steel 750LB rear suspension.
  • Non-toxic and child safe paint used.
  • Reinforced training wheel for perfect balancing.
  • Easily adjustable seat height.

K’Nex Builder Basics


  • Contains over 440 pieces to build more than 35 unique models.
  • Build a space ship, motorcycle, trumpet and anything you can imagine.
  • Comes with treasure chest style package to safely store all parts and models.
  • Promote skill development and stimulate imagination and creativity.
  • Made from premium quality plastics.
  • STEAM based learning (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math).
  • Hands on learning activity.

Monopoly Junior Electronic Banking


  • Monopoly game designed for kids.
  • Includes easy-to-play electronic banking unit.
  • Use the cards to buy property, pay rent, and collect money when you pass Go.
  • Buy properties such as the ice cream parlor, the toy store, and the skate park.
  • Package includes game board, banking unit, 4 bank cards, 4 junior tokens, 20 Chance cards, 48 sold signs, 4 Who’s Your Token Character cards, 1 die, and game guide.
  • Suitable for 2 to 4 players which means fun for the whole family.

SYNPLAY Soccer Set with Cone Backyard


  • Encourage outdoor sports for your kids.
  • Football is made from polyvinyl chloride material which is sturdy and long lasting.
  • Cones are made from robust and low-density polymer that is soft, flexible and unbreakable.
  • Machine sewn panels make it suitable to hit high shots.
  • Easy-to-see colors with UV protection to mark anything on the field, court, gym, track, etc.

5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!)


  • Must have fun filled book to improve your kid’s general knowledge.
  • More than 5000 facts – treasure trove of high-interest fascinating facts.
  • Packed with facts of super, sensational topics that kids love.
  • Beautifully designed book filled with photos.
  • A product backed by National Geographic.

Hot Wheels Vertical Launch Kit


  • Gravity defying action with vertical track set.
  • Launch your car from 4 feet height.
  • Vertical track easily attaches to wall with 3M command strips.
  • Vertical U-turn, speediest spiral and jaw dropping freefall, it has them all.
  • Twin 360 degree turn for thrilling action.
  • Easy to assemble and break.
  • Set up in 3 different combinations.

Smoby Battle Scooter


  • Strong metal frame, compact, lightweight and foldable.
  • Smooth gliding wheels with ABEC bearings.
  • Render fender brake quickly stops the scooter.
  • Comfortable foam handle grip.
  • Stylish design with wide footboard.
  • EN71 safety certified with non-skid coating and non-toxic materials.
  • Can withstand 50kgs of weight.
  • Height adjustable handle.

Tejisha Blaze Storm Automatic Gun


  • Nerf gun with 20 dart drum.
  • Automatic gun with means you can fire all 20 darts without having to reload.
  • Includes 20 soft darts and 20 suction darts.
  • 135 degree rotation for easy bullet loading.
  • No assembly required.

Be Cre8v LED Infinity Mirror DIY Educational Kit


  • STEM based educational toy that teaches the science of robotics, circuits, led strips, reflections and more in a fun way.
  • Ideal for young boys who are enthusiasts and interested in understanding concepts.
  • Perfect toy to encourage learning of engineering and robotics.
  • Detailed step by step instructions makes it easy to understand.

Smartivity Tinkerer Mega-Activity Kit


  • STEAM based learning.
  • More than 15 hours of mind and body engagement.
  • Includes 6 augmented reality colouring sheets, colours, 2 augmented reality puzzles and 1 STEM educational DIY toy.
  • Richly illustrated, easy-to-understand, step-by-step instruction booklet.
  • Develop analytical skills, creativity, motor skills, and practical skills.
  • Some of the activities include rolly polly owl bowling, jungle safari AR colouring sheets, and let’s learn 1,2,3 AR colouring sheets.
  • Introduce your kids to Augmented Reality coloring.

Toyshine Bot Robot Pioneer


  • Intelligent sex legged, gesture sensing robot.
  • Made from premium quality material that is safe and non-toxic.
  • Includes multiple functions like moving forward, backward, turn left and right, hands and feet can move and rotate in all directions.
  • It can even dance and keep your child hooked for hours.
  • Develop logic thinking and hands-on ability.
  • 7 color lights and music makes it more attractive.

WON Radio Control Wall Climber Car


  • Drive your car on any surface like walls, floors, windows, ceilings, etc.
  • Can go even up to 2nd floor wall.
  • Available in multiple attractive colors.
  • Working LED headlights and tail lights.
  • It can even drive on glass surface.
  • Easy to use remote control.

Hasbro Gaming Jenga


  • Original classic Jenga hardwood blocks.
  • Objective of the game is to pull out a block, place it on top without letting the tower fall.
  • Fund and challenging game for the whole family.
  • You can play solo or with family.
  • Easy storage pack which is portable.
  • Includes 54 precision crafted hardwood blocks with stacking sleeve.

Toyshine 3 in 1 Sports Combo


  • 3 in 1 mega sports combo kit.
  • Includes cricket, badminton kit and Frisbee.
  • Cricket kit is made from unbreakable ABS plastic and balsa re made from synthetic rubber which is hard to break.
  • Badminton racket is made from high quality aluminium head and steel shaft. Easy to handle with balanced swing.
  • Competition grade Frisbee with accurate flights that is easy to throw and catch.
  • Excellent gift for outdoor physical activity.

THUTHO Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table


  • Portable air hockey toy that is lightweight and can be carried wherever you go.
  • Sliding score keeper to easily keep track of scores.
  • Easy puck return technology so you don’t have to stop your game to search for puck.
  • Air motor in the tabletop makes the puck hover and glide for thrilling gameplay.
  • Includes everything required like a high powered fan for blazing speed, 2 sliding score trackers, 2 pucks, 2 paddles and the board.

Mechanix Monster Buggies Toy


  • Learn the basics of fitting and build 6 unique models.
  • Set comes with 75 parts that includes nuts, bolts, screwdriver and a spanner.
  • STEM based toy that teaches fine motor skills, logical thinking, cognitive thinking, creativity, dexterity and problem-solving skills in kids.
  • Made from high quality steel and plastics to build sturdy models.
  • Gain confidence by building exciting things.
  • Includes extra nuts and bolts, so that a few missing pieces doesn’t ruin the fun.

SHANBUYERS – Police Role Play Toy


  • Exciting imaginary game play with futuristic Police toy kit.
  • High speed manual gun with soft foam bullets made from made from high quality material with attractive colors.
  • Long range shooting range of up to 45 ft.
  • Made with safe and durable plastic material that will not break easily.
  • Apart from gun the kit also includes handcuffs and binoculars.
  • Playing real life roles makes kids understand the social activities and also helps in understanding social relationships.
  • Imaginative play encourage healthy development.

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