Best Word & Number Toy Games For Toddlers & Kids India 2021

Word games are a great way to expand your child’s vocabulary, learn about letters, words, anagrams, synonyms and more while having fun at the same time.

By playing word games your child will:

  • Improve his vocabulary.
  • Think more deeply about words.
  • Become more fluent in language.
  • Invent new words.

There are lots of toys available for kids for their fund and entertainment, but by gifting them word games you will be helping them in developing basic skills and language.

Below are some of the best word games for toddlers and kids and you can gift them for learning as well as have fun at the same time.

Best Word & Number Toy Games For 1-2 Year Kids

Einstein Box Educational Pack

One of the best gifts that you can buy for your kid is the educational gift pack from Einstein Box. It comes with a pack of 2 books and 3 activities including puzzle, memory game, finger painting set and more. This educational pack is designed to improve your child’s vocabulary, thinking skills and social development.

The pack is designed to encourage your child to love books and focus on developing healthy habits which are also essential in their early development.


  • Best choice of gift for 2 year old kids.
  • Comes with 2 books and 3 activities.
  • Encourages good habits and love for books.
  • Develops thinking skills, socio-emotional development and improves vocabulary.


  • Brand – Einstein Box
  • Weight – 871g

Skillofun Wooden Capital Alphabet Tray

Teach your child to identity alphabets and the objects corresponding to them with this alphabet tray from Skillofun. It is useful in learning spelling and words. Made from non-toxic MDF material it is safe for use by your kid.

It comes with a set of capital alphabets and alphabet tray with colorful and attractive images of fruits, animals, objects, etc that will make learning fun and interesting. It improves your child’s motor skills and enhances knowledge grasping power.


  • Designed for easy learning of alphabets, images, objects and more.
  • Makes learning fun and attractive.
  • Develops motor skills and knowledge grasping power.
  • Made from non-toxic and child safe material.


  • Brand – Skillofun
  • Model – L-6SK
  • Weight – 508g

Baybee Number Puzzle

Learning numbers has never been more fun with this puzzle set from Baybee. It comes with a pair of 30 puzzle pieces that also acts as a perfect introduction to the world of puzzle which helps in the development of brain. The puzzle is designed introduced encourage math skills, develop concentration and improves focus.

The combination of puzzle with numbers and images is a fun way of learning while also help in boosting their confidence and self-esteem. The numbers fit correctly only with the corresponding image so it makes easy for independent learning also.


  • Perfect for early preparation to school.
  • Designed to introduce early math skills.
  • Develops motor skills, hand eye coordination and counting numbers.
  • Helps in boosting confidence and self-esteem.


  • Brand – Baybee
  • Model – BBPZ3017_JP
  • Weight – 200g

Skillofun Wooden Alphabet Puzzle

Another good choice of word game for this age group is the alphabet puzzle set from Skillofun. Skill development is very essential during this age group and this can be achieved through fun and learning. It comes with a set of 52 puzzle pieces that helps in learning alphabets with corresponding image. It helps in improving word building skills, encourage thinking and develop matching and sorting skills.


  • Comes with a set of 52 pieces.
  • Alphabets should be matched with corresponding object.
  • Encourage learning alphabets and words.
  • Build word building skills and sorting skills.


  • Brand – Skillofun
  • Model – L-55B
  • Weight – 299g

Leapfrog Magnetic Numbers  Set

A great start for learning numbers and counting with this magnetic numbers set from Leapfrog. Leapfrog is well known for developing high quality and child safe toys. It comes with 20 interactive and attractive puzzles pieces with numbers and colorful images of food which will attract kids easily.

This matching play teaches numbers and counting in a fun way. Just place a tile in the basket and you can hear it saying numbers, colors and other fun phrases.


  • Comes with a set of 20 pieces.
  • Early start for learning numbers and counting.
  • Comes with a magnetic tile reader which can play fun songs, music, counting and more.


  • Brand – Leapfrog
  • Model – 80-19314E
  • Weight – 195g

Best Word & Number Toy Games For 3-4 Year Kids

Creative Educational Aids Words Puzzle

Word Puzzle from Creative Educational Aids Pvt Ltd comes with a set of 30 3 piece puzzle, a 24 page activity book along with an activity guide. Your child will solve the puzzle by combining the puzzle pieces to form the correct word. All the pieces have beautifully illustrated images of objects that are closely related to kids. By combining the puzzle pieces, your child will be able to recognize the letters, spell words and build vocabulary.

It also comes with an activity book that will help in learning new words, strengthens learning spelling, improve concentration and visual skills. Such games will help in developing observation skills, learn words and develop language skills.


  • Comes with a set of 30 pieces 3 piece puzzle, activity book and guide.
  • Learn letters and words by combining puzzle pieces.
  • Develop learning letters, spelling and reading skills.
  • Improve observation, visual and language skills.


  • Brand – Creative Educational Aid Pvt Ltd
  • Model – CRE0639
  • Weight – 4.54g

Play Poco Magnetic Fun

This magnetic fun board from Play Poco is the perfect gift to introduce alphabets and letters to your kid. The pack includes 64 pictures, 144 letters, magnetic board and a spelling guide. All the pieces are magnetic and your child can build letters by joining them on the magnetic board. All the pictures are colorful and attract your kid easily.

You can help your child learn letters by placing the picture magnets on the board. Your kid has to recognize the object and build the letter by placing the letters on the board. You can even scramble the letters and your child can place them correctly. It will help in developing early learning skills, concentration, motor skills and hand eye coordination. All the pieces are made from high quality, durable plastic.


  • Pack includes 64 picture magnets, 144 letter magnets, magnetic board and spelling guide.
  • Develop learning skills, letter recognition, word formation, concentration skills, motor skills and hand eye coordination.
  • Made from high quality and durable materials.
  • 5 different ways to play.


  • Brand – Play Poco
  • Model – PC003
  • Weight – 848g

Number Fun 123 Puzzle

This is a fun counting game that introduces your child to the world of numbers. The pack comes with 20 2 piece puzzle with total of 40 pieces and also an activity guide that includes activities like counting numbers, matching numerals, ordering, sequencing, etc. It is more or less like a memory game.

1 half of the puzzle contains attractive images of objects and the other half comes with numbers. Your child can learn numbers by counting the numbers of objects in the pictures and join with the corresponding number. The activity guide further helps in improving skills.


  • Pack includes 20 two-piece puzzles with activity guide.
  • Learn numbers in fun way.
  • Learn counting, identifying, ordering, sequencing, etc.
  • Develop number recognition, visual skills, problem solving and hand eye coordination.


  • Brand – Creative Educational Aid Pvt Ltd
  • Model – CRE0635
  • Weight – 454g

Scrabble Board Game

Scrabble is a classic word game where you create letters by using alphabets that is already on the board. It can be played by 2-4 players and the game duration can go up to 60 mins. The way you play is start creating words by joining the letters. The word you create should have alphabet that is already in the board.

Scores are obtained based on words created and premium squared that are on the board. This is a great way for your child to build bond with siblings or parents.


  • Classic word game.
  • Can be played by 2-4 players and duration ranging up to 60 mins.
  • Score points by creating new words.
  • Great way for kids to bond with siblings and parents.


  • Brand – Manvi
  • Weight – 572g

Best Word & Number Toy Games For 5-7 Year Kids

Einstein Box Educational Pack

This educational pack from Einstein Box includes 2 books and 3 activities that are specifically designed for kids above 4 years old. The high quality books teaches about good manners and sticker book about wild habitats while the activities include memory game, puzzle set and spray painting set. It will help in development of your child’s vocabulary, thinking skills and social skills.


  • Includes 2 high quality books and 3 activities.
  • Books teach about good manners and animal habitats and activities include puzzle set, memory game and spray painting set.
  • Learn and play at the same time.
  • Encourage interest in reading, develop thinking skills and socio-emotional skills.


  • Brand – Einstein Box
  • Weight – 898g

Skillmatics Brain Games

The Skillmatics educational pack comes with 6 double sided activity kit that includes 19 highly engaging games and activities that help in core development of your child. The kit also includes a skilly billy pen, a duster cloth and an achievement certificate that can be awarded to your kid to further encourage him.

This learn through play is a perfect educational gift for your child that is designed to enhance their skills and keep them engaged. The activity mats are reusable which means that your kid can play them again and again for hours with family, friends and siblings. It will help in developing skills like problem solving, observation, concentration, social, communication, thinking outside the box and more.


  • Includes 6 double sided activity mats with 19 highly engaging repeatable games.
  • Age appropriate, truly engaging and skill oriented.
  • Build core development skills through fun and play.
  • Learn key concepts through play, develop problem solving skills, thinking outside the box, solving equations, mental maths, observation, concentration, communication skills, etc.


  • Brand – Skillmatics
  • Model – SKILL04BGS
  • Weight – 200g

Toymate Word Boggle

Boggle is a face paced word hunting game that is a race against time. Designed of kids above 6 years old the goal of this word search game is to make word by joining letters in any way possible like up, down, side or diagonal. You have to create as many words as possible before the time runs out. The pack comes with 16 letters cubes, 1 grid, 1 sand timer, 1 dome and an instruction guide.


  • Create as many words as possible before the time runs out.
  • Can be played by 2-4 players.
  • Prefect way for parents to bond with kids.
  • Encourages thinking, letter building, learn through play and more.


  • Brand – Toymate
  • Model – TM52-17
  • Weight – 340g

Skillmatics Squik

Squik is a game of skills and speed where you will form words based on the goal mentioned in the card. The kit comes with 132 letters, 34 goal cards, 20 action cars with a manual. This is a highly engaging game for kids can be played by 2-5 players who can play with their family and friends. It will help in building vocabulary, words, tenses, spellings, nouns, creative, thinking, etc.


  • Can be played by 2-5 players.
  • Use your skills and speed for form words based on goal cards.
  • Highly engaging game that can be played for hours.
  • Build vocabulary, words, tenses, nouns, verbs, creative thinking, memory, etc.


  • Brand – Skillmatics
  • Model – SKILL33SWE
  • Weight – 499g

We hope you find this collection useful and found the perfect word game to gift your child. If you any more suggestion you can let me know in the comment section below.

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