How To Choose A Name For Your Baby – Baby Naming Tips

Welcoming your new baby into the world needs a lot of preparatory work like buying clothes, accessories, etc. But one of the most important work is choosing a name for baby that modern and sweet yet unique and meaningful.

Choosing a name can get more confusing when your family, friends and relatives have their own suggestions. Your baby’s name is something that will become his identity and carried by him for the rest of his life.

A baby cannot choose a name on his own, so you as the parent have to choose a name for your baby. With such an important decision, you need to be thoughtful when deciding a name for your child so that he/she will be thankful for giving you a beautiful name.

Tips To Choose A Name For Your Baby

There is no fixed procedure for selecting name for the baby as it can depend on a lot of factors like taste, preferences, heritage, etc. Below are some factors that you should take into account when deciding a name for your baby.

Keep It Unique

One of the first things to consider while naming a baby is to keep it unique. If you choose a general name for your baby like every other parent, then you can’t make him stand apart in a crowd. Having a unique name can have both advantage and disadvantage. While a unique name makes it easily to recognize when called, you should keep in mind not to keep it too unique that there could be misunderstandings or mistakes while pronouncing.

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But don’t make it too common also. Let’s say you choose a common name for your baby as Bharat and once he starts going to school, if there are 5 more boys with the same name, it will get confused when the teacher calls the name. And this will go on during his entire school life. He might have to introduce himself as Bharat A or Bharat B and so on to identify himself.

Try to blend a common and rare name into a unique name. You can also make slight changes to a common name and make it unique so that it gets easier for your child.

Follow Heritage

In India, ancestry, heritage and tradition form a big part in a family. Many India parents keep these factors in mind when deciding a name for their baby. While it is perfectly alright to name your baby based on a God or a religious figure, sometimes you may not like the name that fits into that category.

In such cases there is no need to get sad as you can keep the name as your baby’s surname. Numerology is also another trend that is catching up as it is believed to help in your child’s success as he gets older.

Keep It Memorable

Sometimes a name can get associated with bad memories so avoid such names at all cost. If you select a name that reminds of a bad past or a person that you hate, then it is best to avoid the idea of suing such name. And it is not just about you, it should be a decision of both the parents. And if either parent does not like the name, do not force them to ask for an explanation.

The Way It Sounds

Make sure that the name you select for your baby do not sound odd or harsh when called. Your child may have to bear your blunder for the rest of his/her life. Also try to choose a name blends well with the last name. Avoid rhyming first and last name.

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Don’t Choose Trendy Names

Some parents get tempted to name their baby based on trends like giving the name of a movie star or a sports person. However you need to remember that trends come and go. It is better to choose classic names.

Keep It Gender Specific

If you are choosing a name for your baby boy, then make sure that the name is specific to a male. It might sound cute for a baby when the name is common, but it turns out getting awkward as he grows into an adult. The same rules also apply if you have a baby girl.

Keep It Meaningful

When you are deciding to choose a unique name, it is always appreciated if you choose a name that has deep meaning. Do not make it so unique that the name ends up being meaningless. Try to find a name for your baby that is simple but has a deep message or meaning. You can refer to names of mythological characters or brave warriors of our history.

Honor Your Culture

Your child is also identified by your tradition and culture, so you can also find a name that reflects this tradition. You can choose a name of a famous family figure that has impacted you or someone of your family or a name of someone of something that has been an important part of your family or tradition.

Nicknames And Initials

If you can find a name for your baby that will readily give a good nickname then it will be an instant win. A nickname that is readily created from your child’s name will be useful for you, your kid’s friend and your child’s future spouse. Also make sure that the initial along with the name doesn’t spell awkward and turn it into a disaster.

Keep It Simple And Short

Names that are too long can create problems and frustration for your child especially when filling forms in the future. It can also trouble him constantly trying to correct people in spelling his/her name. So it is best to keep a name that is short and simple.

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Suitable Even As An Adult Name

Sometimes it gets common to keep name based to your child’s cuteness and that will not suit as your child turn into an adult. So choose a name for your kid that remains a perfect fit even as he/she grows up.

Keep It Convincing

When choosing a name both the parents have their own choices and preferences but you need to come to conclusion with a common name that both of you are convinced and not come under any pressure or force.


If you are a person who believes in astrology, then you can ask your astrologer to suggest a letter for your child’s names based on the alignment of the star and other factors and then start deciding a name based on that. This will help you in narrowing down and make it much easier to choose a name for your child.

Inspired By A Famous Person Or legend

You can always take inspiration of a famous personality when choosing a name for your kid. If you had a person of inspiration or legend when you were growing up, you can use such names or a variation of that name. You should also keep in mind to be aware of your geography or location while choosing such name so that it fits in top the surroundings. Avoid taking inspiration from movies.


Choosing a name is an important milestone that stays with your baby forever. It can sometimes hectic and frustrating, especially when too many people are involved in the process. You just have to be patient and thoughtful.

Do not come under pressure of other people when deciding a name for your baby. You are the kid’s parent after all and it is ultimately you and your spouse’s decision on finalizing a name for your child.