16 Tips On How To Increase Baby Brain Development

A baby’s brain is said to contain over 100 billion neurons during birth. These will grow into trillions of brain connections during it’s first years of growth which are called as neural synapses.

But the thing is that these synapses are connected through stimulation and those synapses will be lost which are not connected during the child’s growth. A baby’s brain contains twice the amount of connections than an adult’s brain. Even though some of the baby’s neurons are hard-wired, they are still vulnerable than an adult’s brain.

So it is important to stimulate your baby’s brain for better development and you can do this by giving your baby various experiences that will give enough opportunities for the neurons to get connected. This will result in improved abilities ad skills. Below on some tips on how to increase baby brain development:

Have A Good Start Even Before Your Baby’s Birth

If you want your baby to have good development, then it has to start with you. Take care of yourself and stay healthy when you are pregnant. Be aware of the drugs that are harmful for your baby’s brain and avoid them. Many children who were drug abused in the womb grew up with learning problems and sudden aggressive behaviors.

Talk More With Your Baby

The parts of your baby’s brain that are responsible for learning speech and language needs lot of input from you for development. You can achieve this by talking more with your baby. Respond to your baby’s voices and talk to them with delightment.

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Play Hand Games

Capture the attention of your baby by playing games that involve lot of hand movements like peek-a-boo, engaging them with puppet games and other activities. When you use hands you are showing the baby how to interact with the world physically.

Pay Attention

If your baby points at something follow them with your gaze and talk to them about the objects they are pointing at or any other items of interest.

Encourage The Passion For Books

Shows books that has lots of big and colorful images to your baby and share their delightment. Point out at images like a cat and imitate their voice like meow meow that are in the book. Generate interest in your baby and encourage your baby to talk more about books. The goal here is to make your baby receptive to language.

Let Your Baby Explore Own Body

Whenever you interact with your baby, start stroking her tummy, hair and so on. A study has shown that babies who don’t interact with their own body have their brains smaller than usual.

Choose Interactive Toys For Your Baby

Buy toys for your baby that allows them to explore and interact. Toys such as stacking blocks will help them learn cause-and-effect. For example, if the blocks are not aligned straightly on top of each other then they will fall and if they are aligned correctly they will hold. Such information gets wired in your baby’s brain.

Respond To Your Baby’s Cries

If your baby is crying, then respond to them by cuddling, soothing and reassuring her. This will help in building emotional part of the brain. Your cuddling and holding will help in improving emotional security in your baby’s brain.

Build Your Baby’s Trust By Being Attentive

Ditch your phone checking Facebook and Instagram and spend time with your baby playing and interacting with them. If your baby feels secure with you, then they will invest more time in exploring and learning.

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Massage Your Baby

You can lower the stress of your baby physically and emotionally by giving them a body massage. Research has shown that a baby who is massaged 3 times a day is ready to be discharged from hospital much earlier than the babies who are not massaged.

Let Your Baby Help In Clean Up

This is a very good practice to follow for your babies. Once your baby has played with toys, let her help you in keeping them back. It will help her in categorization. Your baby will learn that trucks and cars have their own places and toy have their own place. This will help children learn sorting in categories which is also a part of preschool learning.

Build A Safe Environment For Your Baby

Babies are never still. They try to climb over and move under every objects whether it’s big or small. By having a safe environment for your baby, they will learn the relationship of big and small objects mentally.

Sing Nursery Songs

Sing nursery songs for your baby making hand movements according to the words. This helps in developing motor skills of your babies and also let them connect with sounds.

Have Positive Vibes During Meals

Whenever you feed your baby, say the names of the food loudly and watch the pleasure of your baby. Create a positive environment for your baby whenever they eat and also let them eat themselves no matter how messy it is. This will make your baby enjoy eating food rather than nagging which might build negative brain patterns.

Let Your Baby Play With Different Materials

With supervision make your baby play with different kinds of materials like mud, water or even slime. This will make your baby learn sensory skills like the various types of object properties like solids and liquids.

Express Your Joy

Whenever you play with you baby express your joy and interest through your body language, facial expressions and your attention. Your gentle care and smile will help a lot in development of your baby.

Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to increase baby brain development? Share with us in the comment section below.