7 Useful Tips On How To Take Care Of Baby Skin

Babies skin are soft and gentle and because of this parents are often worried about taking proper care of their baby’s skin. Since a baby skin is very sensitive it is easily prone to rashes and allergies if their skin is not properly cared.

Parents of newborn babies should be very careful when it comes to taking skin care. It is always recommended to use natural products that are free from chemicals that could harm your baby’s skin. This is because a baby’s skin is very fragile and they take time to get adjusted to the environment around it. Baby’s skin is prone to allergies during their first few months and they face challenges from rashes of diapers and choosing the wrong soap or shampoo.

How To Take Care Of Baby Skin

A human being has the best skin when he/she is a baby. If you can take good care of your skin, you can maintain it for life. Below are few suggestions on how to take care of your baby’s skin.

Bathing Your Baby

Most parents prefer bathing their baby every day. Choose baby soaps and shampoos that does not cause allergies to your baby. Always use lukewarm water to bath your baby and only use baby safe soap. Remember to keep the room warm where you dry off your baby. If you have AC in your room, then switch it off to avoid chill environment.

Powdering Your Baby

Similar to soap and shampoo, you should also be careful in choosing powder for your baby. Always choose powders that are specifically designed for babies and avoid using any powder that may contain fragrances and other chemicals that may cause irritation to your baby’s skin.

Diapers For Your Baby

Diapers help in keeping your baby clean and fresh. However, choosing the wrong diapers may cause rashes to your baby. If you find rashes in the diaper area then try changing to a different diaper brand. Also don’t let a diaper stay for long time as they may cause infections to your baby. Even though most babies are prone to rashes, it is better to prevent them in the first place.

Troubleshooting Diaper Problems

Rashes due to diapers can happen if the diaper has become wet and is left for a long time or if the diaper is tight fit for your baby.  In such cases change the diaper as soon as it becomes wet and use a baby safe wipe to clean the area and powder it to keep it dry.

While most baby rashes don’t pose any kind of risk, there are some rashes that might lead to infection and would require extra care. If you sense that you baby’s rashes are serious, then contact your pediatrician immediately.

Baby Skin Problems

Most babies are born with birth marks and parents shouldn’t be worried about them as they don’t cause any kind of risk. These birth marks are not hereditary and they don’t require any kind of treatment.

Eczema is a skin disease that results in reddish rashes on the skin. It can usually occur on your baby’s face, arms, knees and chest. If your family has a history of allergies or asthma, then there are more chances of your baby getting affected by eczema. Only use mild soaps and moisturizers for your baby’s skin care.

Babies can also get affected by acne which is different from those that you get during your teenage days. If you think your baby is affected with acne, then contact your physician.

Taking Care Of Dry Skin

It is important to know how to take care of baby skin in winter.  If your baby has dry skin, then use a natural moisturizer to keep it hydrated. Do not bath your baby too much as they might flush out essential nutrients from your baby’s skin.

During the first few months bath your baby with only a soft sponge and water so that your baby won’t lose the skin’s natural moisture. Use only skin products that are designed for babies.

General Skin Care Tips For Babies

Since baby’s skin is soft and delicate here are some general tips that will be helpful in taking care of your baby’s skin.

– Do not expose your baby to direct sunlight until they are at least 6 months old. Cover your baby’s skin with full sleeve tops and pants.

– Always use fresh and clean clothes for your baby to wear. Also wash any new clothes before you wear them on your baby.

– Sweating might result in prickly heat and they have to be treated by removing your baby’s clothes and keeping your room cool.

– Avoid using any artificial baby products that may cause irritation and rashes on your baby’s skin. Always prefer using natural and organic baby products that may help in protecting your baby’s skin.

If you have any tips on how to take care of baby skin, share your suggestions with us using the comment section below.

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